LL Cool J In Gmail Tap Promo

“You can tap it in the morning. You can tap it at night. You can tap it in the bathroom.”

Ayo technology. For Google’s joke of the day, Uncle L helps introduce the new Gmail Tap feature, which enables users to increase their typing speed with just two buttons. Everybody get your tap on.

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  • Stan


  • lmaoooooo hey yo LL, you should have thrown a huge PAUSE in there!

  • True

    LMAO April fools!

  • This is great! Too funny! Google also used its Google Maps web app for more April Fools Fun. It designed 8-bit Quest Maps. To access the Quest Maps fire up your normal Google Maps web app and click on the “Try it now” button on the left-hand menu. Once you do, your default map will transform from the MapsGL-enhanced view of the world you’re used to seeing into a map akin to something you’d find in an old NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). But – get this – the 8-bit map isn’t just for show. It really works! You can perform the same functions in the 8-bit map view as you can in your normal Google Map. Driving directions are still available, for example, but figuring out where the 8-bit roads actually are may give you a migraine. Good job Google!