• me

    little stupid boy with a flop album

  • R E A L L Y ? ? ?

    Got damn this dude can spit. I’m a huge J. Cole fan bit diggy did that. I hope he still has ill feelings toward Cole so this beef can actually take flight b/c I like that he’s not scared to take it there. Sheesh let me go listen to his album now

  • King


  • Oz

    kill yo self charles hamilton #2/Justin beiber ass fuck boy diggy, nobody checking for your garbage

  • Oz

    i take that back listened to the track its tight

  • SK

    Cole 220 k >>> diggy 20 k

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  • boo

    diggy pop garbage

  • You mad huh diggy?

    “Now days niggas reach just to sell they records.”

  • WTF? J. Cole shouldn’t respond to this fuck boy.. Little nigga just got butt hurt about his sister hahaha

  • psa

    lmao… diggy did the lamest thing

  • soukatari

    J.Cole should say absolutely nothing so this can just die out.

    Responding to this kid would be a bad look for Cole.

  • dumb niggas these days

    this beat is so dopeeeee though
    but diggy man, ya album bricked now you’re dissing?

  • DJAR

    College boy, acting like a criminal
    knowing you a broke back Jake
    You imaginary player, even TMZ
    didn’t notice you was there
    Geesh, you are such a dweeb
    and your shirts don’t fit, long
    arms, short sleeves….

    LOOL that last line was just funny! Diggy did his thing but they gonna squash this beef and then make a song together.

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  • Diggy went in….It aint a “Nobody’s Perfect” tho.

  • Promo stunt ? This nigga got 1 mill followers on twitter and sold 20K first week LOL.. wut .

    ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Y U NO ACCEPT DEFEAT

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Diggy sold more then that Triple C’s 12K and Ferrari Boyz 17K albums. Slow your roll lil homie. Your better then that leave J. Cole alone. J. Cole somewhere laughing at this kid.

  • wait

    ……. gotta be a promo stunt like Zeke said tho

  • soukatari

    Come on folks EVERYTHING aint a promo stunt!

    What would starting a fight with J.Cole do? J.Cole aint like a 2x platinum artist. Diggy’s fan-base probably don’t even listen to J.Cole or even know who he is. Those Disney Diggy fans aren’t buying J.Cole albums.

    The timing of this just sucks. Cause it looks bad with his album flopping like that. But Im guessing this track has been on a HDD for awhile and they released it for April 1.

    Looks like a big joke or a bad move from Diggy. But anyway, he should never hear a reply for it. J.Cole has absolutely NOTHING to gain from this.

  • :-/ OK diggy, its ok honey. We understand Mr Cole said something mean about you, now go to your room and close the door, grown folks are talking.

  • lightskinnigga


  • Creezy Bear

    Album sales are irrelevant – Flo Rida and Soulja Boy sold more than both these niggas. What we’re talking about here are BARS. Diggy has some. Can’t deny that. I like J too though. Keep it all lyrical and this is the shit that makes hip hop fun.

  • soukatari

    A grown ass man verbally whooping a little kids ass on wax aint fun to me homie.

  • Creezy Bear

    Whoopin a little kids ass??? C’mon really? Bar for bar you gonna tell me that you think J.Cole is so far above Diggy that he could do that? If you listen closely I think you’ll hear a fair fight. Can’t hate on Diggy just cause he’s young. If he can spit he can spit.

  • When does Cole act like a criminal?April fools.beat is hard.Diggy did flow, but Come on son?
    Redman and Loch on that loud pack.Collab coming soon: http://youtu.be/6zQpkq3fH_s via @youtube

  • soukatari

    Bar for Bar Diggy is not going to be able to HANG with J.Cole.

    You folks need to look a little bit harder before thinking about how bars are crafted VS what folks are actually saying.

    There is way to much to be said about Diggy that Cole can go after. Rich kid, Run’s son, his sisters, pretending to be an MC. Shall I go on? A good MC can use all that on Diggy and tear his young ass apart.

    I aint said once that Diggy cant rap. He can, but he aint really got much to say on Cole. And even if he does dig up something. Cole has way more experience than Diggy does. Cole is a grown ass man like I just said.

  • rahrahrah

    april fools day guys.

  • Mack

    For everybody saying this is a publicity stunt, in the 2nd verse Diggy clearly states “the other day I was listening to purple rain, couldn’t believe the things i heard em say.” Well what did J. Cole say on Purple Rain ” Good girl huh, father was a preacher Sent her off to college thought that he had her on a leash though. From the outside though, them girls be the squeakiest You get ’em inside them girls be the freakiest. Mischievous, downright devious Say she want cake I got all the right ingredients
    Running round fronting like a pure white virgin Gave a nigga dome while her father gave a Sermon
    Amen, let the choir sing She be walking round campus like the quiet thing So niggas scared to approach when they admiring Man if they know like I know she got that fire thing Pour a little OJ with some P-trone I’m feeling ok, but homie she’s gone When remmy Rev called she just ignore him
    I had her calling on God till the weed And than I hit the door nigga.”

  • Creezy Bear

    Dawg, I feel you on the material that J. Cole might have available to spit back at Diggy … but that doesn’t mean he will know how to use it. He still has to take all of that and craft it into something witty. Not saying he can’t do it – I like dude – but I can’t just give him credit off top before he’s even done it. Like Tyson once said “Everybody has a plan until they get hit” – you gotta see what happens when they step in the ring. Plus, is Rich Kid really a diss? And being Run’s son kinda makes you a part of hip hop royalty so I’m not sure that’s the angle I’d use. The sisters – yeah, I’d go that route. But isn’t that how this whole thing started anyway?

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  • SoIcyBoi!

    Diggy iz da new Rakim or Chuck D. swag

    check out ma new singe “Check My Swag” featuring Mystikal.

    ma debut album Hip Hop Is Alive comin soon. YMCMB! swag

  • soukatari

    Yeah man, he can talk about about how him being a Rich Kid and not knowing the struggle, pretending to be hood, richie rich tryna be hard fronting like he grew up in Queens like his father did. Dude, you aint even see that angle, imagine what a real mc would do with that man. Ugly.

    Im going off of both their lyrical ability from their songs. J.Cole would murder Diggy man. I don’t want to see that. This would be like that comeback fight Tyson had and he KO’d dude in the 1st round, the national anthem was longer than that fight.

  • J, Cole isnt jigga yet, he’s still brand new in the pop rap world. Diggy is good but doesn’t have the backing coke has. Cole shouldn’t have ever said things about this kid, people shouldn’t call out other rappers and expect them not to respond.

  • BNice

    THIS DISS IS NOT ABOUT GREW UP FAST IT IS ABOUT COLE’S PURPLE RAIN!!!! Seriously though, NOT TALKING RAP, how would you feel if you were 16/17 and someone you considered yourself cool with made a song about your sis giving them “dome” and saying that he just hit it and quit it.. Like in all honesty i would come at him too..

  • Creezy Bear

    Ok, I feel you my dude. We’ll see how it all plays out – if J even decides to respond at all. But that’s what I mean – this shit is fun.

  • Word

    Damn! I can’t front diggy did his thing on this track! Shit was actually okay. But J.Cole would murk diggy if he wanted to. That’s more to Coles style. Back in this come up days he spit some iLL shit I think he still can.

    Y’all really want this man Cole to beef with the black Justin Biebrr tho? What’s Diggy really saying? Smh. Nowadays, niggas reach just to sell they records. Trust and believe I didn’t even know Diggy had an album out. Now I know cuz he dissed Cole. Still ain’t gonna cop tho. Cole won’t respond. Bet. Maybe a slight subliminal that’ll set the net on fire but nothing more.

  • D


  • TheCool

    I don’t want Cole to respond cuz I know everybody would jump on him about dissing a kid… But at the same time, hate or love Diggy, he’s a better lyricist then everyone in the game (besides Cole/Kendrick/the legends), so him vs Cole would actually be dope. We haven’t seen a real beef in a minute. Drake vs. Common doesn’t count.

    And I know for sure if Cole came back, he would come with that The Come Up flow… Shit would be cray.

  • Shooga

    Imma a Cole fan, but I understand Diggy, he did his thing here defending his sister and his lyrics aint bad at all. I think this is a misunderstanding and Diggy got a little too emotional here. Don’t think Cole will respond though

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Lmao this lil nigga mad as hell, nigga need to be mad at his sister for being an industry hoe

  • that boy don’t want it with Cole

  • Nobody cares,Loser ass nigga.



    U WACK


    tell yo sister to gain some wait with them flat ass booties

  • casa

    this nigga is so stupid… someone around shoulda told him not to go there….smh

  • rj

    this is the first time a rapper dropped a diss track and ethered his own career… this dude is so wack it hurts my heart… this is the worst shit i have heard in my life for real… he sux period

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    J. Cole would look bad if he respond to Diggy and Canibus or Charles Hamilton. But Diggy’s diss was better than both them niggas diss songs. Why is Diggy so mad we all know J. Cole and Wale don’t get NO pussy. Diggy prolly bag more ho’s than Cole.

  • M.T

    LOL sell 20k, then diss one of the illest niggas doing it right now to get some buzz. Really diggy? having said that , this was a good diss track but cole wont respond. This is a lose lose situation for him.

  • WestsideAlumni

    shout out to the keyboard gangster above me measuring how much vag everyone in the industry gets, now with that being said have u seen the ho’s gucci mane be baggin? were talking about gucci mane. Rofl besides above all diggy sucks

  • WestsideAlumni

    talking about @hip-hop fiend

  • 450Flame

    This is a fucking sad day in hip hop a duet rapper trying to go at j.cole that doesnt mean he has heart its just arrogance theres no respect in the game anymore new niggas think they can come in and be on the same level as upper classmen or legends but it dont work like that

  • supppp

    I agree, it’s only arrogance on Diggy’s part because he feels like he deserves respect, but in reality he’s just spoiled and believes everything should be given to him, even respect.
    Even if he’s 17, he gets no props. But knowing J. Cole, and how politically correct he is, nothing is going to happen, maybe a subliminal shot, but that’s it. Which is annoying.

  • supppp

    How are you going to talk about J. Coles album being a brick when you sold over 10 times less than the man, lmao. That’s funny.
    How are you gonna say you trend set when you sound like a off-brand Drake nigga?
    What trends you set? Nigga you not like the man you think you are…
    How you gonna call J Cole a lil nigga when he’s 6’2, big in the game, and you’re like 4ft10 yourself?
    And finally, why would J Cole need to have a sit down with Hov? Cause he feels like he’s in danger? Please, nigga, sit your ass down.
    Already Rev Run tryna bail this clown out, just remember everything in life was handed to you, pussy nigga… I

  • Collar Cali


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  • Money and power

    @WestsideAlmin.. Gucci Mane is a bigger artist than J Cole.. I am not judging talent because that’s subjective, but Gucci been around way longer..

  • Mook

    Diggy went in stop hating! He did his thing

  • jijiji

    Every single this he said was true
    Neither are bout that life Cole just been through more shit. I want to see like 2 more Cole diss records and like 2 more Digg diss records.

  • DoinTooMuch

    SMH @ niggas like 450Flame and suppp. I swear its alot of J Cole dickriders on this site. Yall actin like the kid dissed Jay Z or somethin. SMH @ niggas callin J Cole a “legend” and shit. Can’t blame diggy either. If some nigga was talkin bout my sister reckless I would go in on his ass too. Yall need to stop treatin Cole like he immortal or somethin. If anything I’m lookin at cole crazy for talkin bout Rev and his folks like that. BTW diggy went in. And anybody who sayin he can’t hang with cole lyrically, trippin. Period.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @westsidealumni Catching feelings lmao. He must be a groupie that waits outside Gucci Mane shows. Anyways J. Cole the best out right now. But yall niggas didn’t even get this upset when Canibus and C. Hamilton went at Cole. I think Diggy hit a sore spot for some niggas. @westsidealumni is a cracker and his mom is a industry ho.

  • Wtf!! Diggy seriously gona use a line from 21 gun salute?!fuck outta here pac rollin in his gotdamn grave.

  • Really diggy?? A 21 gun salute line….pac rollin in his grave rite now

  • oj Da Cornball

    it’s a shame album a considering flops based on first week sales.
    you people are dumb and such sheeps.

    50 made y’all think first week sales is what matter, and not total. SMH

    funny smh

  • Joe

    Like it or not. JCole just got bodied. If he doesnt respond, then he LOST this battle. Period.

  • mi

    everyone on here needs to relax. this aint affecting yall no way. if they wanna diss eachother let em. coles a grown ass man either way itll look bad on him chus hes grown. dig is younger and he aint that bad.

  • J. Cole, is and has been a lame his entire life. Diggy knows, a lot of cole fans dont realize that what he raps about is lame and constantly about not fitting in. Being a social outcast has not been a great thing to be; and is the epitime of J. cole. Bar for Bar, J. cole’s not a tight rapper compared to himself or anybody, he’s not authentic. I dont relate to j. cole and people who think cole’s a real deal only prove to fit into the category of social misfits.


    awwww he had to call his fake assz pastor daddy

    j cole fucked the simmon sisters hahahaha

  • joey

    even if what you saying is true about cole being a social outcast at least that nigga keep it real this nigga talkin bout makin crack money like 88 and shit. and that copy and paste record this nigga sound like he training to be drake. Diggy will get bodied and anybody who doubts that is so oblivious to j. coles rap skills smh. @calamitycal you sound like a hater. Lost ones? not relatable? Breakdown? Nigga who are you!? Lol

    • Like I said, you say Cole keeps it real, being a lame is not appealing to me. I’m not a blatent hater, I just dont like people getting too much undue credit like J. Cole does. The stories J.cole talks about like Lost Ones are very amateur and expected; extremely predictable. Who am I, you ask; somebody you will be in subservience to.

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  • KillaNapalm64

    Diggy Simmons = black Justin Bieber

    J. Cole got this.

  • darkcaesar

    it doesnt matter what cole sold and diggy didnt, any nigga diss your family gotta get handled.

  • Donn

    Cmon. Nas doesnt sell more than Nicki Minaj? Does that mean he cant talk? Niggas bringing up sells like that equates to skill. Diggy went inn and any nigga who is dickriding Cole that much that they cant see that is a lame. What happened to HipHop? Niggas would handle their ground and niggas respect it. Cole went at his family and he held his fam down like a real nigga posed to. So what he 17, he aint hood and was born into money. So was Drake. And this nigga is the top rapper out right now. Fuck outta here. Cole is a beast, hands down but Diggy came at his neck, great lyrics, he gets his props and thats where it stops. Stop dickriding and give the little nigga his dues.

  • Nymfo1

    a flop 20k so you diss Cole? U Mad Bro?


    Old beef… this is like bringing up Nas and Jay-z beef back in 04.. funny how AFTER diggy’s album “flops” this old diss track comes out…anyways, in my opinion if it was a stunt to get mainstream hip hop listeners to actually listen to Diggy, mission accomplished. Looking at everyone else’s comments, ppl didnt know Diggy had a decent flow, I for one didnt. So Kudos to the person who’s great idea was to bring up old “beef” to get ppl to actually listen to what diggy gotta say. Im sure his next mixtape/album is gonna do a whole lot better than 20k.

  • Oledude

    This is a Old diggy track that got leaked how is diggy reaching when J cole talking about smashing his sisters which he didnt. Why yall mad at the kid? fuckin stans

  • Megabkny

    Not Bad……..

  • M.T

    how do u know he didnt?

  • fastflipper

    people saying that wack ass diggy can diss j.cole are mad retarded…and probably think that ymcmb is the new wu tang

  • shady

    Lol, its not that bad tbh. Everybody check out the new single track from Life is Good / Nas Ft. Jay Z – `For Our Children`

  • ????

    And yet no Bow Wow diss when he been sayin she waxed Angela Simmons’ ass *smdgh* “stickin up for your sister” gtfoh if that’s the case you check the nikka when the isht happens NOT 2 years later after your album tanks

  • Big fan of Diggy & I understand his looks of things but tbh i feel like this was ah dumb move! that’s ah grown man that rap way beta than U & ur Ghost Writer.! IJS

  • Black Shady

    Im the biggest Cole stan…..and I admit the 2nd verse was nice hahahaha

    but lil boy……..just sit down, you cant mess with the GREAT COLE. are you crazy? HAHAHA

  • MegaMind

    The Mind must interject as usual. Diggy is wack…period. Yeah he has a couple bars here and there…but i know for damn sure he didn’t right this rhyme, which in turn make it even WACKER.
    So we are hiphop fan as suppose to think that a 14yr cat was writing intricate lyrical flows like that? Bc if what they say is true and this song is old…that would make it almost 2 yrs old, when diggy was like 14-15…who is this cat suppose to be NAS? LOL FOH!!!!
    The jig is up man…this leaked after he flopped…Diggy will not even sell 100k units! He’s coming at Cole based on a rhyme that could or could not have been about his sister? Last week he took a shot at Drake, this week Cole….Keep in mind Chris Lighty is diggy’s manager…you know the same guy that manages the BEEF MANIAC that is 50Cent….see thru the fake y’all this is contrived beef, that will go nowhere. Shorty is doing it wrong…he’s better off putting out more music to overcome the L he just took careerwise with those low sales.

  • Fetus Face

    Diggy trying to boost them weak ass numbers up GTFOH

  • Kim

    Go in Diggy, go in!! lmaooo He has some heart, I’ll give him that!!

  • Kim

    Look at the Cole stans wetting their pants. Y’all know lil Diggy kinda nice or you wouldn’t be peeing yourselves over this.
    Cole aint no legend…hell, he’s barely paid his dues himself!! LOL He just ten years older. Cole got a debut CD and so does Diggy yet Diggy is only 17! Womp.

  • JHP

    J. Cole is a 27 year old man, he’s not gonna respond to a butthurt 16 year old kid’s diss track

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  • Blue

    Hip-Hop is built on BATTLES not beef. Been competitive since it first started. J.Cole took a stab at the family, and Diggy responded. Let these boys square off on the mic! No cryin, no bitchin, no PR moves, no record sales…MC vs. MC

  • Funny it just so happened to leak after the album dropped and didn’t sell to good Cole World Bitch!

  • Acapella

    That “Purple Rain” tarck is damn near 2 years old!!! And didn’t Cole give Diggy props on “Grew Up Fast” tho??? I don’t think either should respond to this.

  • Jax

    Cole World No Response

  • Yall forgot diggy a lil nigga, WHEN he GROW he will BLOW UP,,, see a lil nigga named lil wayne who use to be kind of alright like this nigga

  • Word

    Lmao yall niggas dont listen to rap. Cole never said anything specific about anybody from Diggys family. ST JOHNS UNIVERSITY IS A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL! You know how many Pastors daughters must go there? And about the Grew Up Fast line, he already said it wasnt a diss…IN THE SAME SONG. Niggas like @Donn need to listen to music and stop skimming through it. Cuz Diggy said he got dissed, it happened?

    If Cole got yall 9year old Diggy stans mad with a light jab like on Grew Up Fast, imagine if he made a full song or verse dedicated to dissing somebody. Yall would kill yourselves!

  • Pimp Squad Raw

    So far on this so-called feud (don’t you dare call this hiphop beef) Diggy has dropped the illest bars

  • MythX

    SMH at all the jealous kids, dissing Diggy because he was born into money. Backward ass people. Diggy can spit.

  • Jump

    Who Cares About Album Sales when Soulja Boy Went Platinum Y’all j Cole Fans Mad Diggy Went in on that Nigga A Biased Approach Should Be Killed





  • GOOD music nigga

    Muthafuckas need to stop dissing Cole.
    Purple Rain is old & he just now responding.
    Who is Charles Hamilton & why is he going @ Cole.
    J. Cole admired Canibus & he disses him.
    All the disses came after his album went gold.
    Diggy need at dope ass album before you diss somebody as dope as j. Cole
    J. Cole shouldn’t & don’t need to respond on record.

  • 7z5Say&what!

    Lil homie scredded Cole.

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  • the void

    i stopped listening 20 secs in. i cant listen to this wimp try to act tough. what can diggy possibly do to jcole but make him laugh? theres no comparison between the both of them. im not even a cole fan.

  • AK

    Yall keep attacking diggy’s album.. Diggy’s Album and This J.Cole Diss are to seperate issues, yall just need to stfu on the real…You act like J.cole is the victim.. Can you idiots not read, J.Cole Dissed Diggy first, this was a respond back that he never released.. Yes his album flopped bad.. that don’t mean shit.. his album and this spit are 2 different genre’s.. stop attacking artists, cus yall critics can’t do any better.. He can spit and he fired back.. their beef would be dope.. Don’t try to combine genre’s and attack diggy.. obviously this spit proved a “dark side” of diggy..

  • RB

    JoJo leaked it

  • Tenacity

    Nobody’s Perfect is hotter than anything that Diggy will ever create! Cole World…

  • Scrilla

    J Cole shouldn’t waste his time on this kid

  • Peekay

    can’t front, this is dope. Does his album have this sound? That instrumental is FIRE.

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  • barclays

    Diggy u too pretty to be rapping

  • B

    I can’t understand these people sayin “Diggy went in”… He called Cole a dweeb? In what hip-hop world does that qualify you as goin in?? The only line that was decent was the TMZ line. Diggy basically made his own sister look like a hoe cause nobody would have ever made that connection in Purple Rain had he never brought it up. Cole should just ignore this because Diggy’s career just took a step back… Thus the tweet from Rev. Dissing Cole has proven to not be such a good idea (i.e. Canibus.)

    And for the people sayin they think Diggy could keep up, If Cole brought that Lookin For Trouble flow out on the poor kid its RIP Diggy.

  • Real as it Gets

    Times are hard out here. Gotta get them sales up boy. Diggy>>>>>>>The rest of that freshman class.

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  • Tysonzz

    This loser just ethered himself , im not a fan of new rappers but J Cole is one of the bests and he got the Jay-z cosign. The lame was just on tv last year crying about sum stuff to his moms. STOP IT FIVE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boy Rich

    “and ya shirts don’t fit, long arms short sleeves”

    lol I don’t like diggy but he got him there. J. cole lookin mad funny with tho shirts

  • marcy

    fuck this diggy loser. fucking guys plucks his eyebrows like a bitch!

  • luen

    gahd, his voice is so dam*n nasal-y and annoying. Please come back when you’ve completed puberty.

  • kelly zimmer

    my buddy’s step-mother brought in $18061 last week. she has been working on the laptop and got a $540500 home. All she did was get fortunate and work up the instructions leaked on this site NUTTYRICHdotcom

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  • Shooga

    Hahahaha @WestsideAlumni co sign. This Hip Hop fiend measures the quantity of vaginal penetration of celebrities, now this boii is craaaazyyy LOL

  • Deb

    Diggy is very talented its in his blood. He can’t help it so J Cole and alot of others better move out the way.

  • j/y h/h

    I could care less about this “beef” and I was barely even paying attention to Diggy’s lyrics, but this beat is absolutely insane! Pure dope! Little nigga needs more bass in his voice to rock over this beat.

  • eb

    not a bad track com’on shorty…really?

    his sound reminds me of Da Youngstas (90’s)

  • InFamousAngel

    i can’t lie this was weak but ya’ll gotta respect the little dude for one; his age nobody expected him to reply to Jcole’s alleged diss but just because of his effort i give him respect. Regardless of what ya’ll say he had to do something right because i know of him and i don’t know of anybody commenting here. I don’t argue over the internet but backed into a corner he was he had no choice but to fight back.

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