• Collar Cali

    Thats whats up.

  • Hard To Impress


  • thisisravenstwn

    Los killin these wack niggas

  • maybe never

    rip this is sad blak people need to wake up n stop shuckn and giveing

  • Crash_HighGuys

    this song got 5 comments and probably minimal listens while that diggy j.cole diss got 104….does anyone see something wrong wit that besides me….SMDH

  • ymcmb

    i thought this would be fab. we gotta fight for our rights though, for sure.

  • M

    Props to the white girl, bottom left.

  • FTW

    ….this song is not really helping

    People are always looking for a slogan for their fucking commercials.

    Trayvon didn’t die because he had a hoodie on; he died because he was a young black man.

    Trayvon died because the reputation of young black men has main stream society scared and indifferent; and what people fear they’ll destroy.

    This hoodie shit is fucking pitiful…just another way to avoid the real issues and avoid responsibility.

    Geraldo’s job was to distract from the real issues and provoke an emotional response to keep the people from problem solving in public forum; and that’s exactly what he did.


  • Protektah X

    Hip Hop royalty like Jay-Z, Kanye, Nas or other big names should make some song about this topic too. #justsaying

  • Tired of hearin about racial issues when it comes to this Trayvon kid. People die everyday shot by our own race why is it racist now that a black kid was shot by a white/latino man? Media and people are just blowing this shit up to be a racist issue and cause tension within our selves.

  • ily u trayvon rip along paradies

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