Young Buck Calls DJ Whoo Kid

Yesterday, Buck called into DJ Whoo Kid’s show to speak on his upcoming projects. He also reminisces on the G-Unit days and reiterates again that he’d work with the Unit if the opportunity was brought to the table.


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  • thas how they roll

    same as game but neva gonna happen….


  • PHILLYWAY…(215)

    ^ *dead*

  • TheRealBigHomie

    Never bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Sounds like that nigga wanted to cry. when talking about the G Unit days it seemed like all the memories of when he used to make money filled his head

  • @Tim Lee
    Had me choking on my beverage

  • JustMyOpinion

    Separates the MEN from the BOY. Real G’s perspective.

    Damn rap fans hold grudges as if they’re females. SMH

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Now you want to go back to G-UNIT? FIF help this man so much in his career then you disrespect him. Buck you did this to yourself homie.

  • Buck made some of the most consistently hot music out of the Unit and ‘Buck The World’ is a flat out classic in my opinion that i couldn’t tell you off hand who came out with a more complete and hotter album since then.

    The problem wit both Buck and Game was that they had this vision that they would go off and become bigger stars than 50 himself. Their departure scenarios were different, but what followed by both was an onslaught of disrespect to the man who gave them careers.

    Now years have passed and Game can no longer mover 300k copies and Buck can’t do anything but release mixtapes,, now it’s time to get nostalgic.

    Game a bi-polar weirdo who i never believe should get another shot wit the Unit,, but Buck could help bring some fire back to the crew….although i doubt 50 will ever be down for reconciliation.

  • SoIcyBoi!

    Buck iz wack. Lil Wayen iz tha GOAT. swag

    check out ma new singe “Check My Swag” featuring Mystikal.

    ma debut album Hip Hop Is Alive comin soon. YMCMB! swag

  • King

    ^ GTFOH….tell 50 to drop his whack album n lets see if he even moves a 300k….Game’s bipolar no doubt but his music is better then the rest of the Unit….Banks cool but he ain’t got no subject on his songs….Game will always be the best outta the Unit…if u think otherwise the FUCK You

  • M.T

    game>the rest of g unit

  • hot-headed greedy nigga time to reap what you sew

  • BlackAnastasia

    50 pulled the Chess moved a wrapped this niggas career up by releasing the audio of him crying like a bitch!!Proves that these niggas are only tough when the cameras are rolling.

  • thas how they roll

    50>>banks>>mase>>mob deep>>buck>>yayo>>olivia>>game

  • Jus10

    wow. No hate towards 50? I guess there’s a first time for everything.

  • slick

    50 will not let that man eat until he repays him his bread. period

  • s

    God bless young buck any time he drop an album i will get it same wit 50 n banks at the end of the day its all bout good music and fuck the bullshit fans take this shit to serious and forget bout the music w.e they had goin on that was they problems not urs

  • Just Me said it best

  • Fetus Face

    Buck needs 50 for real. Without the Unit he’s nothing! Game proved he didnt need 50 and still had platinum record (except for R.E.D.) Lloyd Banks flopped Yayo can even put out a record. 50 been bullshittin to long on the album.

  • frank

    hahahahaahahaha hug me nigga if 50 cent could obey the rules in his book turn ur enemy into a loyal friend he will bring back buck and that will create alot of buzz

  • Black Shady

    I wish Buck will go back to G-Unit. im a big 50 fan…but homie is done lol Banks is the only one running this shit. and to have buck with him it will help a lot

  • smartz

    yo this 1 goes out 2 Young buck…. keep doing u homie…. fuck them half ass motha fuckas… street hustlas listen to yo shit nite an day,,,, an i can tell they talk like they fam,, an they just talking shit but they some 2face…. real talk u goin harder then ever,,, real Gz hearing u homie…. an some wont ever understand.

  • moreffa

    50 should give this nigga a second chance

    besides 50 anit doing too good anymore anyways

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  • get bucks


    1. 50 Cent
    2. The Game
    3. Lloyd Banks
    4. Young Buck
    5. Tony Yayo

    That’s the overall order, rank and file for that camp. Buck should’ve kept his mouth shut 4real, because he’s in the worst position possible. At least Game still got Dre, Cali and the Net behind him. Buck region is hot, but Maybach, YMCMB and their BSM got the south in a chokehold. 50 Cent new crew is lame musically, but Fif a General so… He’ll be str8.

    Buck will be so finished by the time 50 allows him to earn $$$. Buck should’ve stuck w/Juvie instead of crossin’ 50.

    btw BUCK THE WORLD is the 2nd best G-Unit album behind Game’s 1st joint.

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  • erik

    @get bucks
    ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?? GAME>BANKS????? smh x 10000000

  • @ King banks don’t have no subject in his songs what the fuck you talking about..!!! check out the songs NO LOVE (newer) or TILL THE END ( older) and I could name 2 dozen more songs of his with subject.. its bitch ass fickle fans that over look good ass real music.!! and it’s why banks and other don’t do shit wit sales no more .. it’s why these rappers try and make radio hits cause when they give you real shit you don’t reqonize real shit.!!! they dont make as much noise but yet the song talking about cars went gold it’s the fans fucking shit up … but banks can deff spit his ass off and he def can go deep with the lyrics when he wants to.. ( you sound like just another hater yo talking about 50 dropping another wack album all I heard him drop was some hot shit with the sk shit and the big ten no matter what they drop cats like you are gonna just keep overlooking it and keep yapping about wack wack wack Because you dont wanna see 50 win nomore point blank because your on the computer wit baby money and hes living the life you wish you were ….

  • HK

    Interesting. Kinda hard to listen to. I like Buck’s G-Unit music better than A lot of their other stuff. But stop beggin’…not cool especially after the crying tape

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Yeah it is kinda hard to listen to. I actually feel bad for dude but then again it’s a situation he put himself in.

  • the void

    buck did what he did and paid the price but g-unit went irrelevant right after he left. buck is still a dope rapper. 50 might still see some $$$ when he looks at buck.

  • mac DIESEL

    ……DON’T CRY, DRY YOUR EYE!!!!! HA!!!!


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  • Gotti

    Gayme N young buck disloyal…. 50 cent is a boss…