Diggy Explains J.Cole Diss Track

The day after the unofficial release of Diggy’s old diss track toward J.Cole, he appeared on 99.1 KGGI in California and explained his motivation behind the record. Daniel says he was slighted by Jermaine’s alleged references to his sister, Vanessa. Hey, when worst come to worst, family comes first.


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  • Shade

    Can’t be mad at somebody sticking up for his fam but rap radar commenters always find away to hate on the most un-hateable topics

  • lg

    little gay boy… gtfoh

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Diggy > YMCMB roster. Meanwhile JoJo is handing out Diggy’s album promo to the kids at 106 & Park.

  • mac DIESEL



  • freyo

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  • mac DIESEL

    @ zoomzoomdadotis

    “Meanwhile JoJo is handing out Diggy’s album pomo to the kids at 106 & park”



  • shame

    diggy have several seats…

  • PublicEnemy

    Man i am not a fan of diggy but family comes first and he did the rhite thing and sent out a diss to j cole

  • lupe

    Diggy need to respect aduts, that’s grown folks bussiness and you 16 nigga

  • Mook

    Family >

  • M.T

    cole been referencing some chick named vanessa since “the come up” days so its still suspicious how that diss track suddenly got released RIGHT after his album tanks.

  • Donn

    Exactly! He stood up for family but Cole stans wont stop slobbing him off for one sec to see that Diggy had every right to diss Cole for coming at his fam. Cole should apologize on some gshit and just say he feels the little homie and everyone move on

  • Khalifa


  • munk

    cole is bigger than all this bullshit

  • if I was diggy I’d do the same.

    but how do we know Cole didn’t hit it? Of course she’s not going to tell her family who’s she fuckin with haha.

  • I see nothing wrong with defending your family and if its true that Cole did hit, pretty corny to put it on wax. Thats like those whack ass idiots in school who were lucky to get some top from the teacher and then went and snitched on em SMH.

  • Mr.Alfred

    hold up .. his sisters doing a lingerie line? yeah j cole did smash it while his father gave the sermon

  • munk

    child please go to play with russy

  • tg

    diggy you played yourself

  • WU

    he needs to comeback to Run´s House

  • Black Shady

    His 2 sisters acting like angels and shit to keep their “image”……. but you really think she didnt get smash in College? c’mon son
    and Bow Wow is smashing the other one lol.

    She gave it to Cole while daddy was giving the sermon lolol

  • Tysonzz

    Diggy a SUburban lame tryna battle real niggas and shit. Ole Copy Paste Ass kid. Yall lame as hell if yall actually listen to this dweeb

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    why this lil nigga in grown folk biz… niggas is acting like his sister gone admit to a lil ass nigga that she fucked some rap niggha in college…. like really…. niggas think bitches is all saintified n holy… nigga plz…. dat bitch wouldnt tell her dad either……

    dat nigga j cole a real ass nigga

  • ok

    Ok diss song just happens to leak right around his cd release and flops.
    He tried to bait drake on twitter about a week ago….hmm Cut the hero act diggy
    and take a seat. shit nobody even knew he was talking about Vanessa untill diggy told us


    this nigga use to snitch on jojo back in the gap jack

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  • BerkleeD.O.

    Diggy is not rap. Diggy needs to take an office job @ Def Jam or step it up b/c no one really fux with this product. People don’t take u serious, famalam.

  • 2Badd

    People keep saying that this is “grown folk business” well first of all most of the Simmons family aint famous.Vanessa and Angela are fashion designers,what are they gonna do to help,make a shirt that says “J.Cole’s a Liar and a Faker”?.Rev Run cant do anything cause hes not famous,neither are JoJo, Russy, Justine, or Miley.The only person that can do anything is Diggy cause hes a rapper, everyone knows when rappers got beef they rap about it.Diggy was protecting his sister, that’s all he was doing.He wanted everyone,including J.Cole to know that he was protecting his sister.So everyone that keeps talking shit about how Diggy needs to respect elders needs to stfu, cause 1. Its none of your business how he chooses to deal with his emotions,and 2. Why you hating on him in the first place? If you don’t like him,who cares? Just sit down and stfu,YOUR OPINION DOESN’T MATTER,Case closed #TeamDiggy

  • Jax

    Shame on the Simmons family for all of this. This is not going to help Diggy sale any records. He still sucks. Buying up radio time for him ain’t gone cut it for too much longer.

  • stand up kid right there. Just doing it for the love of music. Even though u know that track got leaked cuz of weak record sales.

  • Kemosabi

    Trying to cash in on your sisters ho shit lol. It’s Cole out there Diggy you dont know where your sisters at all the time.

  • YouKnowMe

    But nobody knew it was about her. So great job young whippersnapper for putting your sis ho shit out there.

  • FukUrOpinion

    Too coincidental. Diggy album flops and now here’s a J. Cole diss record. It’s just a sad attempt to sell records. How do we know J. Cole was talking about his sis? Doesn’t make since that he would diss J. Cole over speculation for a situation surrounding his sister that happened last year and now of all times the song leaks. Plus she’s a grown ass woman. I never liked her anyway because always seemed stuck up on Run’s House when Angela was the fine one.

  • X.Kalibur269

    Yeah, I agree with M.T. Cole’s been talking about a girl named Vanessa since “The Come Up” mixtape. I always thought that the Rev Run line in “Purple Rain” was a funny punchline not meant to be taken literally (By that I mean thinking it really was Rev Run’s daughter Vanessa). I like Diggy, but hopefully Cole let’s him look like a fool by not responding at all to this. Diggy might not have leaked the record himself (even though you don’t have to be home to do it. lmao “I was at the movies”), but somebody in his camp did to promote his album

  • Lil nigga mad as hell….I had some Vanessa too lol

  • Who What

    J Cole is cool
    But god damn there’s a lot of J. Cole stans..people be riding dick.
    Diggy stands up for his family..and everyone wants to hate him for doing it LOL. WTF is going on..

  • FukUrOpinion

    ^ Why does it have to be hate though? It’s just people’s opinion of the situation. It’s suspect whether he was defending his fam or not. Why now? If it was me I wouldn’t have even said it was an old record. Now it looks even more like an attempt to help his album sales. I think Diggy’s a decent artist, but this shit is just sad. He played himself and now the Simmons are too.

  • I’m not believing his twenty something old sister has these types of conversations with him.
    Pure publicity stunt..

  • Word

    PUBLICITY STUNT! Album flopped, so he leaked his own diss record to get niggas buzzing about him. Simple as that. He made the track a year ago and it only JUST leaked when his album came out? Hmmm

    And yall keep saying Cole dissed his family. I really dont think any of yall even heard the song. It wasnt even a diss. If Diggy takes some shit like that to heart, and soft niggas like @Donn try to type all gangster to defend him (Nigga you know you dont talk the way you be typing on here, stop tryna act hard…”on some gshit”??) then all yall niggas need to reevaluate what a diss is. That wasnt a diss at all.

  • Jax

    @rednasil Exactly. Nobody in their right mind is going to believe Vanessa had that type of conversation with that little boy. LOL!! I wouldn’t believe she had that kind of conversation with Jo Jo either. Between this and Jo Jo with the tranny’s Rev Run need to get of twitter and tighten up his home situation.

  • Lol

    Did this guy up here really say Rev Run wasn’t famous?

  • @Jax They were just waiting for an opportunity to get this out. And seriously I didn’t even know Cole was talking about Vanessa Simmons till Diggy told us.

    Gotta come up for your family though, but I don’t see a diss.

    @Lol, I don’t know on which planet these guys live tho.

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  • Chris

    Cant be mad, I mean he had to do what he had to do…..j cole on another level tho no doubt

  • Realestdoinit

    Diggy Simmons can not be serious trying to diss someone like Cole. It could just be the small fish trying to stir things up by feeding off the big fish. Cole had the number 1 album in the country while Diggy’s album sales were trash. Cole is a real artist and could probably put diggy to bed in a simple 16 bar verse. Diggy is begging to be considered a real rapper but this isnt the way to get that title , ok your standing up for your family but first of all Cole isnt the first rapper to mention Vanessa or angela in a verse , jeezy and kayne have both mentioned them but wheres the diss for them?? I hope Cole doesnt even respond to this child just so he doesn’t get the air play that he doesn’t deserve. When you look at someone like cole that has came up in the rap game with such an inspiring story behind his fame , then you look at the spoiled brat thats diggy simmons , it doesnt even make sense. Diggy needs to respect cole for how he made something outta nothing and know his role

  • Vangoh the Artist

    AHHHHH boo hooo…..lyrically lil Diggy dont wanna see COLE….Diggy aint writtin nun of that fye shit anyway….REvy Rev sittin in that bubble bath on his 2 way writtin all that material…lmao….Cole World…

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