New Video: Don Trip “Like Me”

You don’t have to like Don Trip. He could give two shits. For those who fuck with the Don, here’s his latest video off his Guerrilla tape. Directed by Joe Yung Spike and song produced by Drumma Boy.


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  • this is definitely the video age. when i heard this song i was neutral. but the video makes it a lil mo clear… even though it ain’t no helluva video *takes notes*

  • Kev

    This nigga has the charisma and personality of a dead frog.

  • alex

    But he goes hard all the time

  • mac DIESEL



  • killzone

    Don Trip my favorite MC out. Cant wait for Stepbrothers 2 mixtape

  • MR. 101

    zero personality but this shit hard; and has more quality lyrics than half the shit on radio

  • Dreadstar

    RR gets mad props for posting this..My brothers be banging this and it’s nice to see what the fuss about..His lyrics nice and it’s very easy to relate. Hope the brother go far.

  • World Famous Kev

    Sound is good, the video is straight TRASH. Step your game up Yung Spike, Don Trip is owed a refund on this one.

  • creo

    Don trip is dope niggaz hate but be better then alot niggaz