• mac DIESEL


  • oj Da Cornball

    Cooning now, uh Mary?

    “Crispy chikeeeeeen”

    Yet she mad for winning an oscar for a song. smh


  • oj Da Cornball

    *Yet she mad for NOT winning an oscar for a song. smh

  • beatrix

    KFC jump on this. don’t ever let crispy chicken go to waist.

    mary this opens a lot of doors for you, can’t wait for the grilled ckn remix. haaaaaaa

  • lmaoooooooooo cot damn they’re dancing around with fried chicken in the background Ella! 🙁


    That Ella Video will be turned into a movie. Oprah said she will produce and the jews will make sure it gets an Oscar. The still trying to get Precious’s sequel “Shaquita” going as well.

  • $2 million reasons

  • Ok white folks, I realize there’s no such book on the subject that you’ve been handed and that you’ve relied strictly on so-called “common knowledge at this point”. But because of this I’ve taken it upon myself to provide you a handbook that will provide a list of the most commonly offensive things to black people.

    Please use this in your advertising, radio programs, press-releases and so forth so that we can ATLEAST not be subject to the same offenses day in and day out. I’m providing you this list in hopes that you can brainstorm new and effective ways to offend black people from this day forth.

    *Rule #1: When developing advertising campaigns, please refrain from hiring blacks or even dark-whites to sing about anything chicken related. No it doesn’t matter whether its grilled (healthy) or crispy (unhealthy). It doesn’t even matter if you have other white folks singing about the other flavors your client offers in the same commercial.

    Negro + chicken= Lawsuit

    Rule #2: Black people do not wear flat tops anymore. Word to your cartoon campaigns.

    Rule #3: Why are fast food commercials dedicated to the anglo saxon market, calm, poise and otherwise tasteful yet when you aim at blacks, someones always yelling at the consumer in that DJ/Funk Master Flex/Fatman Scoop voice like all we do is eat whoppers on the dance floor?

    Avoid this at all cost.

  • Ashamed black man

    *sets self back 400 years”

  • oj Da Cornball

    Ella a coon too. lol
    her’s worst with a bunch of happy black folks dancing around chicken. LOOL

    but Mary’s shouldn’t turn it down for the integrity. EVERYBODY HAS A PRICE.

    $2 Million, but it’s just a rumor.

    “crispy chickeeeeen” bad not on top of that. LOOOOOOOL

  • Lostprodigy

    1982 vs 2012 c’mon SON

  • don

    smh major L

  • At least it’s over now. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  • madeugag

    give me 2 million ill sang about chicken n watermelon will be thrown in as a bonus..as long as ur not eating FRIED chicken the byrd is good 4 ya.