Lil Wayne “Slob On My Knob” At LIV

Bet that headline got your attention. Sunday night, Weezy was at LIV nightclub and recited one of Three 6 Mafia’s underground favorites. Kazeem over at Hiphopwired was there and filmed the performance.

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This might be Birdman’s ringtone when Wayne calls him.

  • GrimGenius

    ^^^ do you have dreams about these type of things??? i think u do

  • Ya moma

    Maaaan this nigga corny. He saw that clip of juicy doin this shit and how that crowd got juiced as fuck. Now he wanna go and do it? Fuck outta here wit this clown. This cat stay jackin lately its written all over his “new” style that shit aint him. But yet he wanna tell niggas “be/do you”

  • @donricoesq

    Yoooo ZOOOOOOM after ur line, no other posts needed

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  • Collar Cali

    Co-sign @donricoesq

  • mac DIESEL


  • Really

    @mac diesel..that isnt an opinion.

  • Big Mo

    Wayne’s always paying homage to his elders in the game, dope to see this. Stuff like this is why the South has been on top for some. The current stars always look out for the previous generation, guys like Bun B, Juicy J and 8Ball and MJG are embraced by the wayne’s tip’s and even newer MCs like the Krit’s of the world

  • Cory

    THIS SONG IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trillionaire

    Disgusting ass video Mac Diesel…disgusting dawg