Common Ohio State University Freestyle

This past Monday, Common took a quick stop at Ohio State University as a guest speaker. Before he gave his words of wisdom, he spit a 2 minute freestyle for the crowd as an introduction.


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  • Loaded

    this nigga always spittin freestyles at colleges. I guess thats all you can do when you got nothing left of your career

    Common Lost.

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  • aaron craft

    i liked how he was shouting out specific things about ohio state campus. that was dope. and of course that shout out to me at the end.

  • DrewHart

    Inspiration at its best!

  • Cody

    I’m going to call bullshit on that you’re Aaron Craft….

  • 2 relly do HIPHOP u must b educated.big up 2 common. Thats ma word.semac says so yoall.

  • Whenever somebody says hip hop or rap is all dumb and ignorant…play some Common for them and see what they say

  • @loaded How Common got no career when his album and singles are doing good.The album is critically acclaimed.He did interviews everywhere and got a TV show and movie that just came out.if that’s no career IDK what a career is.Common is doing great rt now

  • Sandile gasa

    Loch.. Word.. Common’s always productive and inventive.. He who says Common’s career is deteroriating..must check between his thighs if there’s no deterioration there.. I’ve been listening to Common’s “the dreamer the believer” album lately.. Wow..! #nuffSAID

  • Kim

    LONG LIVE COMMON!! lol I swear he’s like one of the only hip hop artists that KNOWS WHAT A FREESTYLE IS!!! No blackberry freestyles & repeating verses from songs–he freestyles off the dome specifically for the audience in front of him.

    In addition to music, Common does motivational speaking and ALWAYS HAS. He’s an activist and cares about the community. That’s just who he is. He did a lil freestyle to loosen up the crowd and merge his personas but this was not a concert.

    But he HAS performed on Jimmy Fallon, BET Honors, Regis & Kelly and today, Ellen! Plus numerous concerts to promote the CD…he’s doing a bunch of summer shows as well.

  • Yeah Common is the truth, and where is he supposed to be spitting a freestyle at??? on a corner in the hood while bullets are whizzin by??? Hes at a college where people are that are learning to better themselves, anyone that has something negative to say about an artist like Common is fkin lame, Dude been spiitin real fkin lyrics since day 1 these lames ion this post that are dissin him probably listen to Bullshyt radio rap all day, minds filled with that corny ass YMCA-CMB music. #FOH