• ????

    how much chris brown semen do you have to drink to look and sound just like me him? kid ink knows

    remember when only real hood niggaz had tattoos time done changed *turns mercy back up*

  • Mj

    ^^this nigga lost in da sauce


    He trash

  • The Riddler

    Kid Ink & French Montana will be the only artist from the freshman list that will be relevant next year. Mark my words.

  • Really

    @????..how does he look like and sound like chris brown? Your just drowned in kanyes semen that you can’t see or hear right.

  • yaboyboyyounglucci

    West coast stand up!!! fuck the other side haha

  • b0ren0i

    he murdered em all!!!!

  • dll32

    beat is dope +1

  • NO this song isnt tight. He’s not anything I’d consider decent rap music personally. No content, no insight. A gimmicky rapper, like most of the many. He said the same line like eight times.