• moman55th

    this shit go hard fuck what a hater think

  • Is this Chi-Town’s ‘Future’ ?? ahaha.

  • Chi Town

    Chief Keef… The worst rap name. Ever! And he suck. All the dope rappers in the chi, him & Yung berg are the worst rappers in Chicago.
    @ yessir I agree.

  • jdmdaze

    wiz khalifa – erryday

  • You ain’t got no FUCKIN’ YEEZY

    10. Soulja Boy
    9. Yung Berg
    8. Lil Zane
    7. Nick Cannon
    6. J-Kwon
    5. Future
    4. Magoo
    3. Birdman
    2. Chief Keef
    1. Lil B

    WOAT’s (Wackest Of All Time)

  • BerkleeD.O.


  • deuce

    now why in the world is this getting rapradar blog love? c’mon now this shit is garbage

  • Naaahhh… This is not it.

  • Pissed

    Man hell naw. This sucks.

  • GTFO

    I know y’all don’t like when people say this. But how are we suposed to believe that you guys aren’t getting paid to keep promoting this wack group. And that feature they had with Soulja Boy was even worse.

  • Chris

    Im from Chicago and dude has a nice buzz throughout the city. They call this style of rap “drilling”. I personally like music that pushes the culture forward and i feel at times this type of music does the opposite. Fun Fact: a few months ago he was locked up, shorty got out and built his buzz quick as hell!

  • Piringle

    Sounds like an off beat lil b with Future/2Chainz content…