Havoc Rebukes Mobb Deep Breakup Rumors

After some scandalous tweets, Havoc from Mobb Deep just issued this statement to Rap Radar:

“Just getting back into NY after my Easter weekend with family and friends in Jersey. I left my phone at a gas station yesterday evening while on my way to Jersey after a glorious Knick’s game.  To all Mobb Deep fans: it’s business as usual! It’s Mobb Deep all day!!! My twitter account @THEREALHAVOC will be down until further notice. The only other real account is @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP. Ignore the rest. One!”
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  • NYC

    Too bad to be true !! The Mobb lives

  • jada jada

    umm….ye obviously we all knew something was up …..Mobb deeep allday errday….but i like d-block better aka LOX

  • oj Da Cornball

    Somehow i still wanna believe P is gay. looooool

    but i was with no doubt certain this was fake, even if it were really from their account. It had to be them playing.

    however, i do believe this was likely intentional though it will never be proven. These dudes need publicity badly right now. lol

  • yo I knew that shit was false. Havoc would have been way more articulate if it was real. Its real dope that Prodigy was mature enough to wait and handle things behind the scenes without going crazy.

    Mad salute

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  • Jus10

    left the phone at a gas station. lol
    Anyways, this is good news. M-O-B-B
    If we can only get Ty and P to set aside their difference.

  • infamous MOBB bitches!

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  • Nahhh

    But those tweets came from the “web” though…

  • @Nahhh

    There are some instances when you go online on your phone and tweet and it will show up like “Web”

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  • maybach

    still fishy

  • mac DIESEL



  • Loaded

    Knew this was bogus. Mobb Deep too real for these nonsense

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  • Havoc a duck

    Those tweets were sent via web though….

  • Black Shady



    This is the worst cover up job I’ve heard in my life. Really? Your phone? Fire your PR people. the tweets are from “the web” meaning a computer & if you tweet from your phone browser it ONLY will show up as “mobile web”. Besides Sway already has a text from HAVOC saying those tweets were real. He meant what he said but probably realized he fucked up after the fans reaction. SMH at these old heads

  • NYC

    not all phones show up as “mobile web”, like IPhones. Ya scooby doo dectives need to sit down

  • oj Da Cornball

    Hey dumbs, of course the person would reply to Sway it’s “VERY REAL” to continue their mess if they have Havoc phone.

    But like some said if it’s form the web then that’s fishy. Unless the thief figure the password from the phone which sounds impossible. Fishy!

  • @NYC



    Sway has a text from HAVOC confirming the tweets. #ballgame *hit man holla voice*

  • BawseStatus

    This was real for sure its way to many conflicting stories.

    1. Sway said it was real. (Why would he lie)
    2. Hot Rod said he spoke to Havoc and confirmed it (Why would he lie)
    3. Action Bronson said he didn’t wanna believe it was real but by the tweets he read he had no other choice to believe it was real. (Shows he knows some behind the scenes info)
    4. If havoc lost his phone at a gas station and it came from the phone why did the tweets come from the web? (Suspect)
    5. Now Havocs account is deleted.

    You tell me!


    Ita obvious Havoc is lying. Respect to Prodigy tho for not airing Havoc’s dirty laundry. Real G Shit! They’ve been through too much together. SMH at Havoc

  • cru

    its the P and the H A V O C

  • BawseStatus

    @NYC Obviously you dont know much about technology. If Havoc has a smartphone which im sure he does such as iPhone or Blackberry he has a application on his phone that he tweets from such as Echofon.Twitter For Blackberry, or ubersocial. For the tweets to come from mobile web you would have to log on to your internet browser and log in the old fashion way and tweet from the MOBILE WEB. The tweets came from the web simple and plain because if it came from mobile web the person who took his phone from this gas station would have had to know his password to log in on the mobile web browser genius only way they could have sent the tweets were from a open application on the smartphone. Someone told him to say this and didnt think about looking at that. Complete Dumbasses.

  • BawseStatus

    and by the way i was at a mobb deep show in the back a few months ago in philly and both of them had separate dressing rooms and havoc is a complete ass, yelling and screaming at people at the top of his lugs for smoking weed. I could tell something was wrong then.


    Hip Hop fans are too naive nowadays. Havoc is lying and he’s doing a horribke job at it. what I want to know is what transpired between them that made Havoc lash out on twitter like that. They must’ve had a huge argument prior to this

  • jeanius

    Not saying that Havoc ain’t lying or that Havoc wasn’t hacked but just to reply to everyone saying it came from Web thinking their Sherlock Holmes SMDH…. Any dude with a lil bit of brain who picked up Hav’s phone would have changed his twitter password 1ST thing, then its pretty much your own account you can login from whereever and tweet… Plus if you are tweeting from your iphone through the app you are giving out your location.. Tweet from a web you can still be located but a little more work goes in, and plus if you tweet from using ur browser on your phone it is still considered from “web” But still something fishy

  • all in all, Havoc and Prodigy got issues for real, but what happened this morning was unexpected and not the way it was supposed to come out. A lot of it could be fabricated, but there are roots of it that are true. Hot Rod and some DJ dude kept blowing up Hav’s twitter, talking about “HAVOC’s the truth!” so there is resentment somewhere.

  • damn. RapRadar commenters busted Havoc real fast haha.

    P can’t rap anymore anyway…dude’s lost his touch. No one wants to say it, but its true.

  • BawseStatus

    Cmon you think someone picked up his phone changed the password through a application like echofon? WRONG again because if he changed the password the new password would have went to havocs e mail that the twitter was created wtih. Too much for a person to be doing that took his phone from a gas station and you mean to tell me that havoc didnt know this was going on 10 hours ago? GTFOH!

  • BawseStatus

    Str8 up this aint the 90s man you can tell me some shit like that and have me believe it. Im not a dumbass. The government aint even fooling me with their media plots and propaganda so what makes havoc think he can fool someone? CMON SON (Ed Love Voice and Face and the same damn time)


    @jeanius exhibit A of a naive Hip Hop fan. So you really think some stranger took that much time to ruin havocs life? Besides you can’t change a twitter password unless you already know the ORIGINAL password. & no it never shows up as mobile web on ANY phone. check the twitter FAQs. It’s done for security purposes. You nonbeliever sound foolish

  • jeanius

    Wtf? I use all kinds of twitter apps on my iphone and when you change your password you don’t get sent an email with a new password wtf? you sound like ur speaking out of ur ass now

    1. Sway said it was True based on the Text Msg he got from Hav’s phone saying the tweets were “Very Real” so that can be ruled out.

    2. Hot Rod (?) good as ur word against mine

    3. Action Bronson (?) good as ur word against mine

    4. hacked

    5. yes when your account is hacked you delete till its fixed?


    @jeanius exhibit A of a naive Hip Hop fan. So you really think some stranger took that much time to ruin havocs life? Besides you can’t change a twitter password unless you already know the ORIGINAL password. & no it never shows up as mobile web on ANY phone. check the twitter FAQs. It’s done for security purposes. You nonbeliever sound foolish

  • jeanius

    i never said I believed the story, everything seems mad fishy, im actually leaning more on the side that this is a cover up, but either way y’all basing the whole shit off the fact that the tweets came from “WEB” is the best evidence you got to prove that Havoc is lying is dumb as fuck

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  • atmoneatm

    Yo, why nobody paid attention to the fact that Hav said the only real Prodigy account was @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP? There ia another account with only one B. Whoever run that shit, shitted on Hav and he thought it was P for real. Long story short, Havoc said that shit. Thats why he deactivated his account.

  • Nahhh

    Niggas mad at niggas for thinking? Damn, what part of the game is this?

  • dmfslimm

    we need more info cause this story is still funky. maybe sway can get them on rapfix live.

  • YouKnowMe

    The person who picked up the phone mustve been a old Hiphop head cuz I doubt these new kids know who Mobb Deep is.

  • Daaamn Homie….

    In all reality, Hav and P aint as tight as people think. Read p’s book! He talks about how Hav wasnt returning letters and Hav only visited him one time when he was locked up. P also talked about how he and Hav aint been on the same page for years in regrads to thier career. He said that he would go along with Hav’s decisions beause he didnt want people to see that they werent united. Besides, hav outgrew P’s street life along time ago. Them niggas been grew apart natuarally, they wave the Mobb Deep Flag, but I’m sure that thier friendship aint tight like it was back during The Infamous and Hell on Earth days, but anyway who the fuck cares, focusing on this shit aint helping anyone progress…


    Mobb Deep 4evah!

  • P Bateman

    Here’s the question everyone should consider: what are the odds that the random person who supposedly found the phone at the gas station would be a mobb deep fan with a personal vendetta against Prodigy????

  • lilrizq

    thank god that was some fake sh–, they had me worried. ^ and just because they are famous doesn’t mean that they don’t do regular sh– like forget their phone somewhere. some times we think because someone is rich that regular sh– can’t happen to them. i believe Havoc and i’m glad they still going strong. besides… prodigy’s book came out a long time ago, if havoc was gettin dissed in it he would of been said some sh–. now look at this music video i edited for my homie.

  • whitey

    why the fuck doesnt someone just ask P how he feels about it
    i’m sure the dude won’t take that shit kindly if hes pissed that means he told some of that shit to havoc and he went on the attack. if not it means some dude is just makin up a bunch of bullshit to start some drama. fuck social media websites nothing is personal anymore anyone can be anybody and shit





  • BiggMar

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    If they dropped a new track (dope or wack) they would of never got this many comments. Proof that most so-called hip hop fans are really drama queens and soap opera followers. Get a life

  • Word

    Lol I can tell some of yall mid 30s or 40s dont know shit about technology.

    If you tweet via the browser of an iphone (Like I do sometimes) it pops up as MOBILE WEB.

    You cant CHANGE someones password without the original password.

    You dont get sent an email I dont think. And the other homie is right. Even if the phone browser does say WEB when you tweet, why would someone use the browser over an app? Twitter has built in functionality with the iphone now these days so if anything itd say “Twitter for Iphone” when they tweeted.

    Havoc lying like shit. I love Mobb Deep but their age is showing. They must now have known that shit pops up when you tweet. Aint no “sometimes it shows web” about it. It ALWAYS shows the device your tweeting from. WEB, MOBILE WEB, ECHOFON, TWITTER FOR IPHONE OR ANDROID, ect etc

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  • Foreal

    Someone need to bring The Alchemist, for sure he’s the only one except H&P who knows the real story. Tie him to a chair and make him talk !

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  • pinkmilk

    OH HAV just a pussy covering up what he said. Noone hacked tht account FOH!!
    Yu left ya phone at a gas station for maaaaddddd hours??
    and someone just so happened to use it to post a twEEET?? they knew who yu were at tHe gas station?
    so why you didnt go back and handle tht? huh? RIGHTTTTT
    You mad for what ever you been knew Prodigy was a homo NOW you wanna disclose it and front like it aint you? BITCH MADE SHIT IS THAT? I use to love yall now yall all act like HOMOS we all
    Know wonce you locked up for a min yu get tht BITCH ITCH,!!
    And for the ones going in about people posting….and get a life? REALLY???
    wHY you up here reading,posting and getting mad? ROTFLLL fcktards

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