New Video: Jon Connor “Hova Mojo”

Cue the flutes. Off his The Blue Album project, Connor maintains his mojo down in Times Square for his latest visual. The People’s Rapper drops this Friday. Oh behave.

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  • slick

    aight youngin i see what you doing. not bad at all. the kid recognizes there is a problem in a game and he strives to be dope. good shit. this game got a history to uphold

  • peoples rapper

    Don’t sleep on him people. This dude gonna sign SOON

  • Gunpowder Guru

    Still can’t believe nobody’s signed dude yet. Da Fuck!

  • josexxx

    this shit is wack. this man has no special talent. why the fuck does rapradar post this bullshit? i guess the guy is connected. the fact is that this music is below average

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  • reall

    this is no j cole no kendrick lamar no big sean, not even diggy…. real talk, nothing special. He be missing that thing that makes him special. a too ordinary voice, too ordinary flow….

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    the homey connor is dope once he finds his lyrical niche he’ll be in there. and @josexxx yeah he got NBA money behind’em opening doors that most cats can’t get to. Shout Mateen Cleaves for puttin the homey on.

  • Foamposite KING

    Intro is hot but is song trash….I wont be listening 2 him again!