New Music: CyHi The Prynce “The Open Letter (Freestyle)”

Unlike his previous track, this will not be featured on his next project. However, CyHi takes time out for this particular recording to put his lifetime in between his paper’s lines. The Ivy League Club coming soon.


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  • Almighty

    Man, this nigga is a mofucking jobber…get this Brooklyn Brawler/Barry Horowitz ass nigga the fuck outta here…If Good Music was the NWO, Cyhi would be Vincent, Scott Norton or that fake ass Sting…don’t post this c-list ass nigga no more…Kanye knows he’s a bum, that’s why he put 2Chainz on Mercy instead of him

  • JJ

    Shut yo dumb ass the fuck up nigga

    If u don’t like Cyhi don’t click on the link u bitch ass emotional nigga

    Anyway I like this

  • Trappin’

    U serious? Cyhi a beast….always dope word play

  • the brain trust

    Get this Almighty douche the fuck outta here.

    Cyhi’s a really dope rapper.

    If Kanye executive produces his debut, he could make a great album.

  • This is nice. His word play is crazy

  • wooptydoo

    Get your almighty bitch ass off the website you fucking dispicable hater. Cyhi is one real ass dude. Almight your the typical dumb degenerate youth who judge a rapper by the amount of money he has. You dont know hip hop. Go listen to Waka Flocka you dont deserve good music

  • dsunn

    Forcefed new school rappers. Hes mediocre at his best

  • dsunn

    Forcefed new school rappers. Hes mediocre at his best.dont be a victim of cosigners

  • ddave

    I was feeling this. It’s been on repeat.

  • iknowrealhiphop

    i like this song but i listen to this dudes entire catalog… i understand……u dudes are some real haters…..this dude is better than 90 percent of hip hop people out there…..he got good ideas and lyrics…..some of u cats are suckas….if i dont like something i move on…..some of ya need to go bang your hater life out…u dont deserve to live…cus all u do is hate on another persons movement….go bang your miserable life out

  • iknowrealhiphop

    and i see this dude up there with common…kanye signed him….the vast majority of people agree he is the next best thing….and u are hating……maybe its u and your hiphop thats wack…ever think of that…..everybody else cant be wrong

  • Kemosabi

    Give the dude his props I thought the NWO reference and comparison was jokes lol. Vincent lmao

  • cyhioveryourfavoriterapper

    CYHI is the best out right now check out jack of all trades nd royal flush one nd two

  • He’s not the best out, Nothing significant about his content, not style and voice is plain.

  • Big Mo

    ahahhaahaha @ freaking Cyhi The Prince being the best out or anything slightly remarkable at all…he’s a completely generic bum rapper that geeks force themselves to pretend to like because he’s (sort of) co-signed by Kanye. This guy is a MySpace rapper

  • Rec

    CyHi one of the best out fuck ya’ll haterz!