New Music: Prodigy “Gangsta Love”

After all this “beef” that has been going down between Havoc & Prodigy, Flex lets loose a new record from P. It’s a little different than what we would usually expect, but this ain’t bad. Let’s just hope all the beefin’ is over.

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  • brandonpitts


  • Muhfugga Jones

    this about Prodigy? lol

  • kenyan_kid

    P, best nigga going hard

  • Needs a better title, considering all the hoopla recently

  • MikeLew

    when I saw the title I first thought .. Gay!!!! lol, then i heard it & thought .. Lame

  • Pimp Squad Raw

    Rumors about Don being gay and Flex drops a joint called “Gangsta Love”? Dude makes it too easy

  • Anon DCPL

    isn’t P married?

  • RC

    Its not bad but I still dont like it.

    Sounds like something you can hear from an average rapper out here trying to make it.

  • Lil Mo back ? – how do you give flex this record after what is taking place ? lol —

  • R.Cey

    This ain’t bad. Lil’ Mo could never really sing, neither do I but I’m jus’ sayin’… she should do better!
    What y’all said about the title is true too, C’mon P!

    Hope Mobb Deep doesn’t break up but I do understand that times& things changes, still… G.I.T. niggas, for the sake of those still checking for your music

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    ROFL @ that title smh, the song is trash but P is actually spitting in this

  • P’s really rapping to Mister Cee in this one, just as Luther Vandross was singing to Freddie Jackson all those years…

  • IamTheSupremeOne

    Stop hating, you lot are all closed minded fools anyway. Its already been known that Havoc & Prodigy did that for buzz and it worked! This song is hot, same lyrics he would do on a hip hop beat this just a more club banger still works but then none of you bloggers would know.

  • Ben_Dover

    Sounds like a title to a single on a boy george lp

  • Prodigy’s Gay

    This track is mad suspect… P dropping a track about chicks right after the gay allegations.. get out of here, Prodigy… we don’t believe you!

  • Money

    didn’t gangstalicous have a song called gangsta love

  • JD

    this nigga gay he gon make a song gangsta love

  • p. dom

    @Money. It was “Thuggin’ Love” [youtube

  • BawseStatus

    Song was cool. People saying it sounds like everything else i mean rap music is basically the same song over and over and over and over with different people and different words. Aint nothing new under the rapping sun

  • Good Ear

    everyone should stop hating. You know if this bullshit didn’t happen between Mobb Deep you would be feeling this track. This beat is hot also. Prodigy you need to have more beats from the same producer of this track. Don’t mind the suckers out here!

  • Alexis

    I don’t understand how artists do not research song titles before selecting them “Gangsta Love” is a song already out there over 4 mths ago with Mansion Tutt & Red Cafe…and produced by the infamous Zukhan Bey & it’s much better than this.
    Don’t call me a hater either do the homework and I’m a die hard Mobb Deep fan.

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