• FuckYaLife

    what happened last time he got on a bike ??

  • milwaukee Q

    Buck killing these fools his last 3 mixtapes go hard Back on yo Buck shit Nigga Milwaukee Got u Young Buck.


    Yea no place for you on my ipod

  • y’all know Buck my favorite rapper!! the only wack shit he ever released was ‘only god can judge me’ with bigga rankin. everything else had at least 7 tracks i work out to on repeat. get em buck!!

  • roley on these mothafuckin hoes

    @quantrell lmaooooo

  • I hope Buck gets back on his feet……hes too talented to be fuckin up!

  • poetic assasin

    Hahahahahahhaah @quantrell

  • lilrizq

    buck been puttin ill sh– lately, hope he doesn’t go back to G-Unit. now look at this video i edited for my homie.

  • dll32

    buck sucks. please stop ruinin’ beats

  • I wish he was never disloyal to G-Unit


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    Git ’em BUCK!!!

  • yo, song is nice (real), but the mixtape title is a joke or something, right ?