On The Set: Nas “The Don”

This past weekend, Nasir starting shooting the visual for his latest single, “The Don“. No official photos yet, but here are some flicks from the set taken from Facebook’s favorite app, Instagram.

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  • F.I.V.E.

    Nas the KING!

  • MR 1987

    This song is incredible… cant wait for the video


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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Can’t wait to see it. But in other new Q-Tip signs with G.O.O.D Music!

  • Anonymous

    Oh nice, another Nas song/video about all the money/jewelry he has and all the bitches he fucks. Original.


    Nasty Nas Est Coast Legend

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  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    Nah you’re confusing him with YM/MMG artists. Nice try though…

  • B.Dot

    that ring is fire

  • M.T

    is there a release date for his album yet?

  • hxxvaz


  • Churrch on the move

    yea too bad that song has no replay value

  • BoogerKing

    Yep he’s releasing some new music to pay some billz!

  • Ralo

    It’s a cool record for the club..real dope for the club. But on the real, most purists aren’t looking forward to his album. Mainly because we already know with Salaam, No ID & Da Internz doing the majority of the production, the beats on this album are gonna e disappointing in typical Nas fashion.

  • Seriously

    I’m glad Nas is not the type of artist to allow purist hip hop fans to keep him locked in a box. These purist over exaggerate his inability to pick beats & more than likely believe Premo or any producer from Illmatic are the only producers Nas should work with…EVER!

    The haters are so caught up in the gossip about his money that they believe he is doing what he has been blessed to do for 20 years because he has “bills” to pay, as if no other artist has “bills” to pay but Nas & so therefore he is releasing new music.

    Nas inability to pick beats is the most extreme exaggerated theory in hip hop history.

  • Papi Chulo

    Nas is a legend, and as a teenager he was my favorite rapper… Now that I’m older… Jay has definitely took that spot… It’s just something about REAL nigga quotes…. and a lot rappers now are MIA in that category. The best nigga doing right now is Ross…Hands down

  • …..

    Ross is the realest/best in hip hop right now? Nas keep doing your thing…stay true to your craft & you will continue to be blessed!

  • can’t wait for the vid… Nas is the goat homie

  • clos1881

    @seriously you couldn’t have said it any better my brother. The thing that gets me is people with less money and way more finacial struggle than Nas calling him broke and saying Nas is making music to pay bills trust me Nas is still ok lol he can take a trip when he wants he can buy any car when he wants does he have debt yes but trust me he’s far from broke.

  • H

    I dont understand why ppl comment on this niggas money so much. No one really knows how much he has, what he makes , etc. Everyone was mad shocked when the judge ordered him to pay 50K in child support. Any nigga that has to pay 50K a month in child support is getting money

    Ppl just enjoy the music and STFU!