Rap Radar Interviews Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

shot: the dark nyte | canon eos 60d

Prior to XXL’s Freshman Live Concert two nights ago, we caught up with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The Seattle natives spoke on life after the Bowery Ballroom, their excellent stage show, hip-hop scene in The Emerald City, and remaining independent as fuck. Photos after the jump.

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  • Who the fuck is these niggas?

  • Just Me

    Stop listening to mainstream and pay attention to the underground and unsigned artists

    So much better

  • Dark Nyte

    @Ollie JONES

    google is a great tool.

  • ColoradoKnight

    It was extremely hard hard to hear this interview? The mic was terrible. Macklemore is dope though.

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  • @ Dark Nyte I know who macklemore is fuckboy,That’s the point of the joke smh.Ya’ll blog niggas kill me.

  • If yall wanna know what the scene is about. Then find out what happened when the redbull emsee battle came to town.

    Macklemore wasnt in it for a reason. Great pop artist. But

    The scene is full of fuck buddies and a few artists out here aint getting shine cuza hatred. But you know u can always talk to tech n9ne about who he kicks it with thats on the come up on the west coast that held it down in seattle. Too bad seatoen haters didnt embrace the NEXT IN LINE Google dat BITCHES

  • poohbuttpourer

    LOL, is Emerald city scene that Chandler fellow? Red Bull emsee was trash, sans the two (three) finalists

  • @Ollie Y’all need lessons in how to structure a joke, money. That was the wackest shit I’ve ever heard if it was supposed to be a joke… Feel free to enlighten us in where the humour lay.

  • TruthBeTold

    Representing SEATTLE!!!!!! If you don’t know Macklemore music…. ya’ll lost. Listen to his shittt

  • Truth

    @colddeath what are you talking about? they’re still huge and relevant lol they’re touring colorado

  • The fucker of your Mother

    What kind of 4 dollar and 68 cent interview is this? all that freaking background noise. Get an office niggas.

  • this is dope s/o to BEN HAGGERTY!

    chandler fellow?

    or this chandler fellow?

    im just saying yall if you wanna know what really goes down for the love of god check out EIGHTY4FLY “SO COOL”


    i betcha mack goes plat I put that on everything .

  • Dark Nyte

    @The fucker of your Mother

    for your information it was a $4.70 interview.


    yall trippin . i know mack i can say whatever i want. what he said to me THATS WHASSUP HA HA YMCMB

  • Pimpinbitch

    Im from is and our hip-hop scene is crackin even if i never heard of this guy Mack he’s trying to help put the city on the map..But besides him there is K-Dirt,Macamillion,C4,Twin G,Mafia and others so u will be hearing from seattle artist real soon…206 Bizness

  • yee

    I think it’s cool as FUCK RapRadar shows these dudes so much love

  • AwwYeah

    you don’t even know what a joke is.. retard niggas these days smh

  • Dark Nyte


    Gotta show props wheres its due.

  • BawseStatus

    RR Yall Gotta Invest In Some Microphones. Yall getting all this SOB show money and advertisement money how about a little investing? eh?

  • yo

    the problem with the mic is its not on lol. thats the audio from the camera. yall should learn how to use that, huh?

  • hahahahahalolollolololhahahahahahahlaoalaoalaolollohahaha thats me on the floor …

  • nice video