Fabolous, Cory Gunz & Cardiak In The Lab

Beatmaker Cardiak invites us in the studio for two separate sessions with Loso and Cory Gunz. We aren’t exactly sure for what, but we’re pretty sure we’ll find out soon. Them beats sound fire.


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  • me


  • those were actually some pretty good beats

  • trash….all his beats are sounding the same…switch up homie!

  • Khalifa

    DOPE. Cardiak develoPed a nice SOUND. They aren’t the same^

  • DG

    The beats he played for Cory Gunz were hotter then the ones he played for Fab

  • Black Shady

    Cardiak + Banks >>>>>>>>

  • Person

    He just raped half the people’s minds who wanna do beats lol

  • yep

    the second and the third beat he played for gunz are…damn

  • poison i

    good lord… gunz is high as a kite hahaha

  • ColoradoKnight

    The last record he played for Fab was nice.