MTV Hip-Hop POV Episode 1

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With hosts Amanda Seales, Bu Thiam, Charlamagne Tha God, Devi Dev and Sowmya Krishnamurthy, MTV premiered their Hip-Hop POV series last night.

They kicked things off  with an interview and performance from 2 Chainz, a chat with Lil Wayne and another behind the scenes look at Akon’s new video. Until next week.


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  • D

    this is dope

  • Weak.

  • meh it’s allright

  • whtttttttt

    should just have Charlamagne and Amanda Seales the others isnt needed


    I used to like Charlamagne but after he called Rick Ross and young jezzy lyrical rappers I have lost all respect for him. Dude knows nothing about Hip Hop. I call for a replacement in the name of B.Dot.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Charlamagne is cool. Atleast he knows Drake is a joke.

  • monsignor G.H.O.S.T.

    This shit is wack. It’s like i’m watching the View. Charlamagne is definitely on some Star Jones shit.

  • harlemfinest

    mad wack..devi dev is hard to look @ and amanda diva is such a fake broad..fuck outta here

  • JD

    amanda is so sexy but yeah i like that they talked about relevant shit its a good show

  • tron

    charlamagne is a sucka. Everyone that hates on him should just stop cause he knows and everyone knows he’ll never be more than a radio personality/critic/hater. Which is something I never understood how do you send in a resume to do his job.. like “uhh i used to get picked on in school and i started learning insults and uhh im good at watching sports and complaining about players doing things i will never be able to do uhhh.

    I know the u.s is in need of jobs but I think the music industry has too many jobs..too many A&R’s too many critics/bloggers/over night star wannabees

  • YunG based god

    Did this fool Charlamagne said nicki minaj is the most versatile artist in the game? -__- wayne is irrelevant

  • YunG based god


  • realwickwickwack

    lmao they ripped jump off tv

  • Anon DCPL

    One can not simply put POV in a show title, without having anything to do w porn.

    MTV, you fail again.

  • Jacon

    Charlemagne is a professional hater, he gets paid to hate

  • reallydoe

    Charlemagne is a clown in this. He got little snide comments about everyone except minaj which is ridiculous because that album was trash. I know he wouldn’t say nothing because he was on it but still.

  • arnold

    good show

  • shellz

    Charlmagne got fullforce jeans on!! LMAO!!

  • sck


  • likewise

    charlmagne want to be star and buckwild so bad

  • blahzay blah

    amanda diva is so fake and phoney

    charlamagne is my nigga but he can’t really carry a show by himself

    bu is only relevant because he akon’s brother

    devi dev is busted

    that other fat girl is useless and can’t remember her name

    2chainz is straight ass crack

    this is a bootleg JUMPOFF TV (from youtube)

  • ya’ll buggin about devi dev. always been nice. She got glamed last night but nah. She’s the goods

  • Black Shady

    Charlemagne >>>>>>>>>>>

    the show… weak lol

  • Yall crazy Devi Dev is fine as a mutha fucka.IDK what yall seeing and how is Amanda Diva fake?What did she do? Hip Hop needs this show on MTV. stop bitchin
    New Loch music “Afro American Psycho”:

  • @tron IDK if Charlamange was a sucka.he did a couple joints in prison that’s why he don’t give a fuck about talking about half these rappers and celebs.

  • uCantFinDMeCauSe,ImLoStInDamuSic

    Question. Why did Nicki’s new album sell less than her first one?

    Answer. If I wanted to hear some pop shit, I’d buy a Lady Gaga record_____Dear old Nicki, please call back!

  • Good Spot

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