DJ Drama On Working With 50 Cent

Now that we are finally getting that 50 Cent/Gangsta Grillz mixtape, The Lost Tape soon, DJ Drama spoke to The Boombox on how the idea came about.

“We ran into each other at my party out there. I think I said a joke to him real quick about [doing a Gangsta Grillz tape], like, ‘You playing…,’ because a while ago we were supposed to be doing a G-Unit tape that never happened and we’ve been discussing some things. I was with his man Rene from G-Unit, went backstage after the show and mentioned it to him. But after that we never really spoke…People were calling, saying 50 went on Twitter and said he ’bout to drop the tape. So I was like, ‘Cool. It’s real.’ It’s good, because him doing that created a lot of anticipation and excitement and I’m looking forward to it.”


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  • Kemosabi

    This could bring both brands back. Or…

  • uhuh

    DJ Drama did Truuuuuuuuuuuuuuu by 2 chainz.
    he doing fine

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This is going to be a nice project.

  • frank

    50 cent that is my boy

  • jose lino

    Are all of u scared to admit 50 is washed up? No body ,i mean nobody rocks gunit clothes,,musicaly nobodys anticipating shit,,tht energy drink is not poppin,at least ninjas i know dnt drink tht shit,,and hw sad he had to perform his 1st album at sxsw,,no new shit,,,karmas a muthafuka,,,hope yall 50 fans brot l aundry soap n dryer sheets cuz 50 is WASHED UP…..

  • M.T

    50 is irrelevant.

  • frank

    let me handle some haters street king energy is a hit already yea musically 50 cent has not been doing well but who has? then people are and will always check for him even haters like you still check out for him…..head set hit energy drink hit so keep hating why the real nigga make money

  • bylaw99

    @joselino…dude if sitting on half a billygoat, having the best headphones on the market, your own online gambling site, revamped clothing line, Street King energy drink which was voted best new energy drink, your own record label, book company, movie production company (which he’s cast in the new Sylvester/Arnold Swarzenegger movie, just dropped one of the best mixtapes of 2011 Big10, and bout to drop a new album then I would love to be washed up. Besides wheres your favorite rapper..probably having seizures or wearing jeggings. GTFOH

  • petey wheatstraw (@

    depending on the criteria used to evaluate 50 is still boss status.

    he aint in current rotation but hes making moves and he flipped his contract money in so many ways he will be rich forever…no pun intended.

    the things fif did aint even possible in todays days of 360 deals and ringtone rap.

  • hxxvaz

    Fif need some good production, and he need to get back to makin them good hooks that he known for doin. he need to leave that yellin shit alone too and rap with his laid back voice

  • yolo

    so funny he not irrelevant but yall know his track trcord and love to post hate on his moves yet giving him more attention yall hate all artist like y’all love drake then hate him as much as yall did j cole Wayne y’all not consistent on nothing blogging ass haters

  • seemoregan

    Niggas saying 50 irrelevant were the same niggas that were dick riding when Big 10 dropped. You bloggers are fickle. Why is 50 still talked about 9 years after GRODT dropped?

    He sold diamond twice!

    He did n*ggas careers with one album and I’m not talking about GRODT.

    He irrevelant but he had a no 1 single last year that sold 3 million and it wasn’t a feature ti was Jeremih X 50 cent because he wrote it, while he was not in album cycle.

    This year he’s on a #3 single as we speak and he doesn’t have to make we are the world records to do it or be everybody’s friend.

    His worst BISD is more than your faves best!

    He’s irrevelant though! SMH….

  • M.T

    damn 50 cent fans wont face the truth. 50 cent has no doubt made an impact in the game(saleswise and culturewise) but when was the last time u heard something remotely close to GRODT. the big 10???? lol shit was weak. He’s past his prime. niggas aint talking about 50 cent. People keep talking about his movies/sports drink and thats all nice but what about the MUSIC? dude cant even release his album. When he starts releasing stuff close to GRODT or even The Massacre, then there would be a debate but dude is irrelevant and mediocre now.

  • frank

    but still very relevant that is why we are here dude got business ideas like he is a Harvard university prof….he stay making more money and you stay hating on a blog site

  • DJAR

    i for one cannot wait thill this drops and his album drops. fucking sick of the music out now. he gonna have a pop song still, but who hasnt now. if he comes with pure hip hop fucking raw shit, i will buy all my g unit shit of ebay haha…and to those saying no one wears g unit, i know guys who still rock them tops. go to 50 or banks concert and see that shit for yourself.

  • qb

    yo howw 50 irrelevant? he on that song up by them niggas from the bay last i checked that was crakin up billboard.. you niggas so dumb.. oh and all yall spelled irrelevant wrong. smh

  • just sayin

    It’s funny to me that all the people that say 50 is washed up log in to comment about him, c’mon son, it’s called HATING or why else would you comment on him,right.

  • Black Shady

    damn 50 got 1 dud out of 4 (sales wise). if thats how you determine if hes irrelevant or not
    sold 12mill 1st time, then came back with 10mill, then his 3rd album around 3mill, and flopped with the last true. I admit this nigga aint had a big BANGER since…I GET MONEY in 07 tho. He really needs to get to work… really!!!

    but 50 is the type of nigga to drop a single tonight and the whole internet will shut down….only to talk about this song and u know its true

  • the music he released in 2011 was pretty good. it just did not catch on to the public. I think he got some fire left in him.

  • Oz

    irrelivant washed up artists and fallen of stars unite like voltron to form super garbage

  • Real music

    People that talk about 50 is over because of his sales if he is then so is nas d block mob deep dip set the game and the list can go on and on……!!! there’s like 5 people that sell in all of hiphop and 2 are almost all the way pop and the rest including em had to do shit on his last lp that em never did was work with pop stars to knock it out the park on his last one… as far as sales and people really supporting real hiphop that era is dead.!!!!! it will come back around again when the tide shifts and people get bored with the way its going now ,,and by niki not doing 700 k the first week says a lot I THINK people might be getting tired of the pop/ HIPHOP.Thing… people say 50 aint did shit since Get rich or the massacre but that’s bullshit ..!! its y’all that can’t judge real shit anymore…!! 50″s mistake was trying to please you bullshit ass fickle so called fans and haters!! and not just staying true to him self and him just stay speaking from the heart.. he tryed to please you the ones that nothing can please you because 50 put out They Burn Me and in my opinion that single should of went double platinum.. go back to that song and listen to the lyrics for you simple minded mutha fukas and peep They Burned Me and tell me if that isint a great real hiphop song!! but most of you over looked that shit when he drops that type shit so he was bouncing around making different type shit trying to please the people that don’t even know what they want…he’s a real cat he should just say fuck what people think get in the booth and spit real shit from the heart.. like So Disrespectful They Burn Me or Love Hate Love and his true fans or true real hiphop fans are gonna appreciate that shit .. and if everybody else don’t fuck sales for now he’s good with the money he don’t fucking need rap or you broke ass haters to appreciate him or his shit…

  • Ridalen

    Lol the denial in this thread is hilarious

  • Niggas kill me, acting like their “hood” is the only spot on the Planet. 50 don’t need to be hot here, he can go overseas and sell out a venue whenever he feels like it, a real venue, not a nightclub or bar.

  • BlackAnastasia

    No matter how relevant 50 is he’s still guaranteed to outsell the socalled hottest rappers in the game RickRoss whom has a history of barely or not be able to go Gold.

  • BlackAnastasia

    50’s as Relevant as ever.Look at the comment section and JaRule’s PIL2 sales,Lol..

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