• Black Shady

    lol he really thinks hes dropping an album? HA!

  • Anon DCPL

    This should be dope, can’t wait. Sick title.

    Gangsta Gibbs hoe!!

  • @Black Shady you trippin boi boi jezzy feat FG before any of his other artist my nigga is a real one… Don’t be a lame boi..

  • CoolC

    its gangsta gibbs hoe at the end of the day its all about money as long as jeezy put the money up this time next year everyone will kno who freddie gibbs is

  • This man really thinks he gonna put out a album,He commited career suicide when he signed with young jeezy of all people.TM103 sounds like a rick ross album,Can’t beat them join them!

  • Just Me

    @Ollie JONES

    Sounds like a hater and a fan of Officer William


    If his music is to real for you don’t listen

  • @ Just Me U mad cause its the truth TM103 sounds like a rick ross album…I got a opinion therefore I’m a “hater”.Fuck outta here nigga it took young jeezy four and a half years to make a album hahahaha

  • deez nuts

    its almost may, Ross had a release date for his album last december, he dropped two singles that did nothing with crazy amounts of promo everywhere & nicki minaj & just blaze involved and they ended up turning his album into a mixtape and have stopped talking about when his next album is coming out. get the fuck outta here ollie

  • Nick

    gibbs talent speaks for itself. if he can get an album out and get people to hear it he will blow up

  • @ deez nuts I am not a rick ross stan…Rick Ross is very overrated,Listen to teflon don and then listen to TM103.Same album different voices lol

  • deez nuts

    you’re not really listening if you think that. ross’ shit will sound like jeezy’s shit because ross bit damn near his whole style from jeezy. get it right

  • the brain trust

    This nigga Ollie Jones is retarded. How the fuck do those 2 albums sound anything alike?

    Did Teflon Don have have an ‘I Do’, ‘F.A.M.E.’, ‘Everythang’ or ‘Supafreak’? NO

    Did TM103 have any songs which sound like ‘Maybach Music III’, ‘Free Mason’, ‘B.M.F’ or ‘Tears of Joy’ No.

    In future, don’t listen to rap music as your opinions are asinine. Thanks.

  • CoolC

    Listen to Jeezy lyrics on deep songs he talk about real situations then listen to Ross and a song about deep shit he talk around it cause he never lived it… listen to tears of joy by ross…. then listen to never be the same by jeezy and you tell me who realer

  • j

    jeezy sold 250k first week, ross didnt even put out a mixtape in 2011. Mark my words, Ross aint droppin an album this year cuz it wouldnt break 200k. Jeezy > Ross and Gibbs > Meek musically