• Midsize Jerm

    Mixtape not necessary, the album is sure to be excellent…is it really his debut tho? What about Section 80?

  • True

    ^ Section 80 was just an EP, not necessarily an album, more like a mixtape.

    On another note I thought the album’s title was “Good Kid in a Mad City”? -.-

  • Khalifa

    Yea he make dope shit. Some ppl dick ride him but he’s real dope in my opinion he can get on any beat and murder it. BUT AY IF WEEZY DID THE SAME EXACT TRACK SAME LYRICS AND BEAT AND DRE FEATURE…Y’ALL WOULD HATE ON IT. Some ppl say it’s dope just cuz k dot on it and say its wack cuz weezy is on it! Give music a chance yo

  • Caesar

    dope dope dope dope

  • Caesar

    Section 80 IS an album, an ind├ępendant release. So they’re calling this next one a “debut” because of the Aftermath deal. There are no physical copies/marketing for Section 80 unless you order it on the TDE website. Not a mixtape, mayneee

  • hxxvaz

    @ Khalifa, this have nothin to do with lil wayne. it’s kendrick lamar time and he bout to drop one of the best rap albums in the past 10 years. Dre know he got it in him, that’s why he fuckin wit him more then he messed with other niggas that was on aftermath

  • Midsize Jerm

    Word, Section 80 was mad dope but he’s got the potential to do much better, and I think the boy gonna go real big for he major label debut. The Recipe wasn’t the best shit he ever dropped but still better than most singles to come out recently, and he he can mix some “Cartoon & Cereal” type shit with the mainstream shit he’ll have an incredible release on his hands…

  • KoldCase

    section.80 was easily the best rap album last year

    his shit is to fuckin dope

  • Khalifa

    Dr dre is an idiot..he needs to get his he’s back in da game lol release da album

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass



    This dude from Milwaukee is kinda hott too tho

  • Farony

    Section 80 was a album but it was a indenpendent album release… this is his first debut major album !!!!!!!

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