• @donricoesq

    Meth does know we are waiting right??

  • HAQ


  • jay

    you can hear the age difference.
    big stat just spit a versie from one off his song
    Meth is the thruth, on the top off the head

  • casper21

    Meth, I will support you till the day you hang it up, legend.

  • Jaediggity

    You are an idiot if you think Method Man spit that off the top of his head.
    PROPS though, as soon as I heard it. I did like 2 backflips.. The legend still spits crack
    But honestly that was not off the top. You can tell when a rapper spits a off the top freestyle
    He might take an extra pause to think the next line or bar sequences are often like full bar pause pause half bar… And Metaphors, especially the really really clever metaphors.. back to back to back.. is usually a sign it’s written.

    I’m not hating, I’m just saying
    Very few can do it..

    Your favorite rapper can’t
    Drake, J.Cole, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z
    If you go back and listen to their radio freestyles. They’re all written.. Which isn’t a bad thing but don’t get it twisted. That’s not off the dome

    Only people I’ve seen spit straight off the dome and really have some clever shit to say is
    Mos Def, Eminem, Meek Mill, Black Thought, Wale is descent.. just to name a few

  • dude nice but mef had some lines in that shit and its a freestyle cause he mess up i like that smack dvd line

  • Ummm .. @Jaediggity Get a day job.

  • love this so much, you can tell mef is of the top with the pauses, flubs and such…livin legend doin’ what he does