A$AP Rocky Coachella 2012 Performance

[vodpod id=Video.16369934&w=540&h=350&fv=]

During A$AP’s set at Coachella last night, he previewed a few new tracks including “Thuggin Noise”. Below is audio of the new track via Nav.

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  • Khalifa

    Hopefully this is a banger tomorrow!?

  • Def Jam


    We were never interested in signing this kid. He’ll move just as much units as the last Sheek Louch Project.

  • CanYouHearMe

    A$AP Rocky is so overrated he only got 1 mixtape and a few tracks and they are very average it just shows you the youth of today will like anything if there is a co-sign or hype behind it.

  • Bryan The Don

    I don’t get the hype about him he got some real nice beat but is himself extremely average on the mic.

  • CK

    he’s not average, his mixtape is top 3 last year. He bringin back a lot of things in hip hop, and realness too

  • Black Shady

    Whats up with these new niggas!? *drake’s voice*

    all these new rappers are wack why people support that shit? yes Asap, Tyler, Future, 2Chainz, etc etc just stop pleaseeeee

    we need a new Nas, Jay, Em album this year for real!!!!!!!

  • B.Dot

    this nigga is basuda bro

  • The new song is tight.Ppl like dude in his age group and that’s what counts.This is pretty hot.Beat is kind of west coast, different from the Southern beats he been using.It’s cool to me.

  • Actually I thought the second song was gonna be ASAP’s single.This sounds like what he usually does.it’s alright.Doesn’t really sound like a single though.I still never heard him played on the radio in ATL.
    Loch “Afro American Psycho” http://ahh.fm/?p=113985

  • Khalifa


  • Kareem

    @Black Shady 2 Chainz ain’t no “new nigga”.That nigga 35 lol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2_Chainz

  • JD

    cant wait till 2morrow this sounds FIREEE stop hatin

  • deez

    lollololol this dude is a gay rapper folks…pretty niggas pin your hair up..

  • Bryan The Don

    I agree that his mixtape is good actually but what i meant is he is not skilled, all he has is a good ear for beats.

  • playback show


    Harlem niggas that sound like they from 3 different states OF THE SOUTH I guess this was BOUND TO HAPPEN.


    hahahahahhah dumb fucking niggas…. 2CHAINZ AINT A NEW NIGGA! nigga been out long long time tity boi 2chainz playaz circle……. gtfo dumb idiot dont eva call 2chainz a new nigga just beacuse yall retarteded kids started to listen to him now dont mean he a new nigga

  • MAtik

    The ASAP Rocky single is really at the 34min mark, wrong single ya’ll

  • Donn

    A$ap is dope to me, if you don’t like em’ it doesnt’ make you a hater.
    You like who you like. Hit shit bang to me.
    Dont’ bash ppl for liking what moves them

  • escape

    If this debut can become like 50 cents debut i am gonna freak..

    Asap = +12reps

  • TA

    damn good ass performance. how can you not feel this???

  • chris

    that’s not his new song at 34:00 .. thats a track off his mixtape

  • Black Shady

    @ Drabe; LOL idgaf if he was playaz circle back then. nigga had 1 hit and it was bcuz of Wayne’s hook
    hes a NEW nigga for me cuz Ive never listened to his bullshit music. fuck him and fuck u too

  • ohwee

    That nigga boppin that h-town dick for a minute now. See alot of you niggas dont even know, but in his Houston show a few months ago, alot of htown rappers showed up to get that nigga swag jackin their shit. But fortunately Bun b was there to save that nigga, and stepped in. #Houston

  • TA

    @ohwee no YOU dont know. He already let it be known his music is heavy influenced by the houston rap scene. Alot of htown rappers showed up to support dude cuz he is making good music. get your facts strait cuz dont be tryna spread shit

  • M.T

    the beat bangs. hit boy has been on his grind lately. I dont get all the hype around A$sap Rocky tho. not feeling this guy at ALL.

    “we need a new Nas, Jay, Em album this year for real!!!!!!!”

  • kusheverywere

    This show was Dope!!!!!!!

  • kusheverywere

    This niggas on some punkrapshit if you aint fucking with that, dont fucking hate, go support what you like instead on hating on some other shit!

  • purpleworld

    I was at the H-town show at the warehouse live, niggas were there supporting A$AP.

  • Gambino

    Y’all are haters, his entire mixtape was innovative fire. I bet most of you haven’t even listened to LiveLoveASAP

  • Word

    I like A$APs mixtape, but I agree I dont understand this huge hype he has. Good beats, ive heard flows like his a million times, the gold teeth thing is played, weed raps are a dime a dozen, dude follows all the archetypes of previous rappers like Curren$y, Wiz, Tyler, guys like that. What makes him SPECIAL? Nothing at all. But hes still somewhat entertaining.

    I guess, like 2Chainz, ppl just like his energy or charisma? Not gonna pretend like I get his hype but hey.

    Dude aint “innovative” @Gambino. I dont think you even know what innovative means. Dude sounds like Curren$Y to me in terms of subject matter. Not like thats a bad thing, but he is FAR from innovative.


    ASAP that nigga ya hating aint going stop his grind

  • Nick

    if you think asap is an average rapper you haven’t heard make it stack by lloyd banks or ny bittersweet symphony

  • hahaha

    Im not even a fan. But this nigga show was insane.

  • Not feeling this show. Too much yelling! And rapping over the lyrics??? I don’t get it. I guess he got his fans though.

  • J-Money

    word. asap rocky is overrated as fuck. corny ass new york rapper that thinks hes from texas. no diversity in his music at all. how can anyone like this shit?

  • Younglinen

    Not mad @ homie’s performance at all.