Beastie Boys HOF Tribute Performance

Although MCA was absent, Mike D and Ad-Rock were present yesterday to accept their honor into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame yesterday from Public Enemy’s Chuck D. Up top, The Roots, Kid Rock and Travie McCoy take the stage for a tribute performance. Ceremony airs May 5 at 9 P.M. on HBO.

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  • Khalifa

    Not a fan of beastie boys to me they’re just noise… Lol that’s just me

  • slick

    i think it’s racist to put them in the hof considering the long list of black rappers a million times better than them who aren’t in

  • Blak c/o

    It’s not racist Beastie Boys, been doing it for years. Who you want LL Cool J.

  • Blak c/o

    Is not racist. Beastie Boys, been doing there thing consistant since the mid 80’s. I guess when they induct LL Cool J, you will be happy.

  • Midsize Jerm

    You must realize that the Beastie Boys didn’t just do rap, they also played instruments. Over the course of their career they have done punk records, rap records and instrumental rock albums. They play all the instruments on their hit song Sabotage, which alone sets them above rappers like LL, Jay-Z, ect. ect. ect. Go Listen to the In Sound From Way Out and tell me they don’t deserve their spot. Remember, this isn’t just the Music Hall of Fame, its specifically for Rock n’ Roll. The Beastie Boys had a massive influence on rap and hip-hop but the way they were able to combine Rap and Rock is what really sets them apart.

  • Blak c/o

    I agree 100% Midsize Jerm.

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér


    That’s how I feel about Wiz and the rest of the “Swag Era” rappers.
    Go listen to ‘Paul’s Boutique’… Noise? Ha!

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    Exactly, Paul’s Boutique and License to Ill are hip hop classics. Ask any hip hop producer how influential Paul’s boutique was on their career. I could see kanye being the only post 2000 rapper being inducted into the HOF. till then Hov, pac, biggie, ATCQ, Rakim, Nas, NWA, KRS and eminem are guaranted a spot.

  • merry

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  • Lyricism

    Well deserved Beastie Boys, congrats to you guys. LL, Jay and Em are next. Real recognize real

  • robwaudi

    A dude by the name of “Khalifa” comments that beastie boys are just noise….kill me now. You are named after a rapper who admits he makes weed music just shit to chill to. These dude played instruments, made beats, put their heart on tracks….fuck there is no hope for hip hop anymore

  • License To Ill moved the culture forward. Would have never sold if Def Jam put their picture on the cover. Intro to Paul Revere still makes my feet swing and head nod. Congrats

  • There ahead of the long list of rappers because they were the ones who got this shit commercial. DMC and Beastie were the only ones moving albums at the beginning. Oh yeah, and they are dope as fuck

  • jesus

    BEASTIE BOYS was the 1st hip-hop group listen to … Licensed to ll my 1st cd .. credit been way over due <3