• JustMyopinion

    From now on, these headlines need to read: “rapper brings another rapper to his show.”

    I luv how people act as though these things aren’t pre-planned. #wedontbelieveyou

  • NoSoup4Yu

    I like Donald glover on community but childish gambino is extra corny.

  • Itsfarfromover1

    Fuck your opinion Childish & Kendrick are the shit, legends in the making

  • non

    dope. he keeps it real man i respect that

  • firealarm

    I don’t like Childish Gambino but what a sick performance overall!

  • KoldCase

    hope they do a collab

  • I didn’t know he sang too.He’s a talented dude and he reps ATL on some different shit so I respect that.This song is way more pop than his usual.Sounds like a Drake song.he got some cool songs.This heartbeat song could be big for him, if it is pushed.I like his more lyrical type shit.Interesting dude.kendrick was dope.Danny was wild as usual.This must have been dope to see live
    Loch “Afro American Psycho” http://ahh.fm/?p=113985

  • Chan

    I like this performance better than frankn ocean because he has more stage presence I think plus frank had some sound issues. I wish they had more footage of this. The way he changed that last line on heartbeat was awesome

  • illaDeuce

    What do you mean people act like it’s not pre-planned… you might be the only idiot that doesn’t think it’s pre-planned. They’re pretty open about how they make phone calls before the event and call ppl to join em on stage…