New Music: Theophilus London x A$AP Rocky “Big Spender”

Theophilus London and A$AP Rocky are pretty high rollers for their new duet. Sounds like money. Off Theo’s upcoming project, Lover’s Holiday II: Rose Island dropping on May 15.

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  • Midsize Jerm

    Kanye sampled it much better for the Nick Cannon song with the same name.

    Also, Big Homie forgot the last “

  • emdee

    ^Plus Freeway and Jay did it better before that

  • the brain trust

    Mediocre song. Lazy sampling, typically unoriginal concept, poor verses.

    I don’t get A$AP Rocky. I minute, I think he can actually rap (his verse on Lloyd Banks Make it Stack>>>)

    Other times, he spits garbage verses & sounds like a generic ‘swag rapper’.

  • Young Lucky

    everybodys a critic, no ones no longer a FAN. This shit is tough!

  • lilrizq

    this sh– pretty trill… like how they flip it. now look at this video i edited for my homie.

  • rap radar’s first time posting theophilus.. yet they post 360 all the fuckin time.. so bent

  • SmokeYou

    It’s a shame after all this time the 90s no limit/cash money album covers look so much better than this lol.

  • BerkleeD.O.



    finally they drop it!
    that artwork is dope 2

  • Khalifa

    London is ight and ASAP is overrated this songs tough but I’ve heard better!

  • Can U Please Listen To Our Version Of This Song And Tell Me Which Version Is Better, All Of Us Are Still Young And We Would Like The Feedback! Please & Thank U !

  • Young Lucky

    newsflash @jimmytherapper and other up and comings. Saying, “listen to mine/us, ours is better” is not the way to gain listeners. Actually it makes you sound like a hating dickface whose music i can easily bypass

  • thebullfrog24

    Midsize Jerm says:
    Sunday, April 15 2012 at 1:20 AM EST

    Kanye sampled it much better for the Nick Cannon song with the same name.

    Also, Big Homie forgot the last “

    Did this guy really just say nick cannon???? slap urself.

  • Khalifa

    @Young Luck CO SIGN..Promote ur music on a FB page homie!

  • This ain’t killa cam

    I thought this song been out already doggie. My mans been freestyling over this beat.

  • Khalifa

    Actually the artwork is pretty weak…photoshop BS

  • Umm It’s Obvious Your An Internet Gangster Soo I Wouldn’t Even Waste My Time On Some Hatinq Ass Niqqa .

  • @Khalifa I Guess U Got A Point Bruhh .

  • Midsize Jerm

    @thebullfrog24 I was just talking about the beat, but I’d rather listen to Kanye’s verse on that than ASAP’s on this anyday.

  • merry

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  • Rocky’s verse in that behind the youtube clip from january was better

  • anon

    dope sample.. every1 jackin asaps flow ..haha glad he addressed it lmao

  • Confused

    Wait did this man use q to replace g’s? Are you a 16 yr old spanish girl fam?

  • We killed Rocky and Theophilus on this one!