Lil Wayne Covers XXL

Mr. Carter returns to the front cover of XXL for its May 2012 issue. For the cover story, Weezy speaks on touring, favorite show moments, personal rituals before hitting the stage and more. On newsstands on April 24th.

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  • realwickwickwack

    king ?no
    he´s more of a prima donna

  • Mook

    This is XXL pity cover…’cause nobody really checking for wayne anymore in 2012 lol
    in other news Respect in stores now lol

  • mac DIESEL


    …..HA!!!! FUCKIN’ POSER!!!!


  • MMG

    ????? king of hip hop WTF this n*gga wack

  • Bryan The Don

    king of hip hop lol puh-lease

  • Truth.

    first that wack ass freshman list & now this. any credibility xxl had is now gone.

  • Donn

    Nobody’s checking for Lil Wayne in 2012???

    Damn near a million first week?? Hmmmm
    Say watchu want but that dude packs stadiums, kills the charts, radio, and racks in bread. King of HipHop?? That’s a matter of personal opinion

  • lilrizq

    Lil Wayne… really???? alli have to say about that is… NNNEEEEEXXXTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Stephen A. Smith voice: XXL should be banned from talking about Music.

  • donald

    How can you look at this picture and not think this guy is a fagget.

    I mean this is what Nearly KILLED Hip-Hop. We are lucky Dr.Dre & The Other OGs Are Still Alive.

  • Kemosabi

    How do they interview him he on multiple covers of that magazine yearly. At the same time though y’all are being hard on dude II considering his album was the highest selling first week by an artist not named Adele or being sold for .99 I think there are a few people checking for Weezy

  • Mr Shady

    Oh shit, I thought this was a joke or somethin
    …Cross-dressing muthafucker king of hip-hop? hell no smh

  • the truth

    iight he made a milli first week big deal, but he had the biggest drop in album sales in history the second week cus every1 started relizing hes wacks, he made a song how to love and den how to hate , how creatiive is he ? and dere both wack, he aint nice, the weed isnt loud, weed doesnt speak, dis nigga is dum as FUCKKKK, king of hip hop ???? more like king of the skinny jean wearing homos skating boarding faggets wit 2nd grade punchlines, my son is wearing a panda mask in the HYFR video, thats a mockery to this hip hop game, hes not a king hes a mockery, and i kno he got more potential then that, he needs to bring back those dedication 3 days, my nigga was a monster, hes washed up now

  • The Mak

    Wonder how much he paid them to put ‘The King of hip hop.’

    The king returned last night at Coachella.

  • hiptothe

    XXL is going out of business in 2013

  • this is such a lame and safe cover. Wonder why no one cares about hip-hop magazines anymore? No one is doing anything new. lame ass shit….

    shoutout to RESPECT. though — XXL, Source, pay attention and learn.

  • sck

    they got the wrong King Carter on the cover..

  • M.T

    [email protected] the cover and [email protected] the comments.

    Tha Carter II and Tha Carter III>Anything else wayne puts out

  • WestCoast

    what’s !!! Lil Gayne ( worst rapper of all time ) king of hiphop !!! so hiphop = crap
    lil gayne = king of Gay’s

  • Realniggashit

    It must be a misprint Jay-Z is the king

  • Khalifa

    Two things::::1.) that XXL FRESHMAN 2012 mixtape sucked…bad…real bad…2.)and when Will the day come that weezy cuts his hair SMH? Maybe he would start lookin half normal

  • Black Shady

    King of HH Live? LOL
    are we talking bout king of hip hop….or the rapper with the best stage presence?

    in both scenario….Jay is above Wayne.

  • YunG based god

    king of irrelevance

  • YunG based god

    dude don’t even rap anymore

  • Iceman

    the only thing lil wayne is the king of is shit hop & garbage music

  • Guare456

    hahahhaha ya still buy and read magazines.. lol u gotta be kidding me..why do ya listen to these absurd list and rankings of any sort.. its all bullshit.. it means nothing.. its all propoganda and whether u agree or disagree the disgussion about it is what they look for.. so saying they buggin or agreeing means nothing.. JUST STOP BUYING THE SHIT haha thats it..

  • Trillionaire

    Wayne not the worst rapper but he is definitely not the best and by far the fucckin King???? are they serious? XXL is to hip-hop what Fox is to NEWS= bullsh*t

  • H-town

    I wonder how T.I. Feels about this!

  • merry

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  • jasså

    King? Smh…. Sad…


    Wayne music trash now

  • nas

    Yes he is the king of hh live,he made over 50million in ticket alone in the usa only,hes album went double platinum aftr serving a 9month prison and by the way he is very relevant!

  • Joeycrack

    Funny how y’all talk shit about xxl yet they still do wht they want…know why? Cuz the majority will always prevail there’s more people out there supporting then hating remember that..these comment boards are a small fractune of the overal perception

  • ewsdf


    Record sales don’t = quality.
    Quality = king.

  • grim genius

    wayne being called the king of hip hop is a matter of opinion, y’all niqqas ummmm i mean bitches are complaining as usual, imo there’s no such thing as a king of hip hop

  • sean

    i’m guess no one from xxl saw WTT live
    they most missed jay & kanye

  • Kemosabi

    @ewsdf I completely agree w you. I’m just saying that there are obviously alot of ppl that check for his music still.