The Weeknd Coachella 2012 Performance

The Weeknd was on the bill this, well, weekend for the Coachella Music Festival. Take an hour out of your day and check out his set.

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  • sammy

    Its 85 degrees over here and i got the chills watchin this

  • Tedd

    Hes definitely more of a studio singer and not a performer. He doesn’t have the vocals to be live.

  • D

    ^you are dumb af

  • weeknd fan

    ^^naw he’s right his voice sounds so good on record cuz of the effects. He isn’t a strong performer just a great song writer and good enough studio voice.. n his instrumentals have crazy feel.

  • slime

    The Weeknd sounds terrible live….He definitely is a studio performer with all the effects and watnot

  • edwin

    his vocal are still above average so chill out,and they are only going to get better his only 21-22 years old !!! Also whats makes his music stand out is his song writing !!!! his performance is the 1st of many and it was fantastic !

  • hazz

    AL B Sure was nice on records horrible live this remind me of that disappointment.
    dope songs tho.

  • PPLUSRob

    I don’t think ya watched the whole thing. He struggled a lil’ vocally out the gate, then got progressively better. His live performances will get better by the end of the summer. Still…better than a lot of artists live shows. Especially when he got to “House of Balloons”. Had the whole place rocking.

  • Daniella

    YOU guys are crazy as F.


    @Ms_Daneee….. Yeah that hot pink sign…. It’s mine 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Without AUTO-TUNE a lot of “singers” can’t really sing. What you hear on The Weeknd’s studio songs is his voice run through a computer program called Auto-Tune. In live performance he doesn’t have a computer to hide his vocal flaws.

    I like the guy for getting up there and trying. The only bad part is some people in the audience think it’s good.