• yee

    Always said cory is the only fucking real spitter on young money, this track proved it fuck he can rap

  • Khalifa

    Cory gunz and 2 chainz r dope AF

  • damm

    hmmm this song is a mess it did go nowhere not that its wack but i dident get it beat was all over the place subject that srange effect on the voice in the hook was to much …..cory can spit we know that but this is huh

  • truth NY

    Dope Collab, never heard it this before. Video is off the Chain, shits Insane!!!

  • Cory has always been able to rap, that’s not debatable.
    I just don’t think he can really put together a powerful song that can take him to the next level.
    There’s just something about the guy that doesn’t do it for me or allow me to get into his projects.

  • “Please 2 chainz,Please do a track with me..I made a dumbass move signing with lil wayne.I’m gonna drop mixtapes for the rest of my life,I need u and ur buzz to add relevance to my name” *crying*

    -Cory Gunz

  • yeah… 2nd & 3rd…4th… 1 millionth the emotion that corey can spit! but the dude is jus not the guy still….! its funny that 2 chainz kinda killed the homie on his own shit! fuck dude…. damn

  • Protest

    Thats the first 2 Chainz verse that I actually thought was kinda nice.

  • Reg

    I 2nd @Protest I was just thinking imma try and like 2 Chainz let me listen to what he’s saying

  • dank

    How did 2chainz kill him on his own song? Isolate every line 2chains said and its all lame bullshit thats been said a million different ways by a million other rappers.