G. Dep Speaks On His Murder Conviction

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After being convicted of second-degree murder on Tuesday, MTV reached out to the Deputy on his guilty verdict. Dep will be sentenced on May 15.

“However it went down, it was just one of them things where I knew I was facing some type of charge, so whatever the verdict was, I knew it was God’s will.

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  • Khalifa

    This guy is a scum bag killa! Fuck em! No need to kill niggas SMH! Dumb ignorant shit

  • rahrahrah

    I think he’s acted like a man. I wish him the best. I always liked his style.

  • JustMyOpinion

    *no comment* not in a bad way though.

    No dis, but ya’ll peep the new Mac Miler/Lil’ Wayne commercial?

  • Kemosabi

    Fuck what anyone says I respect dude for getting some peace of mind and being accountable

  • Mad Respect, how the fuck can you hate on this guy?

  • Khalifa

    I can hate cuz he’s a murderer???? Duhhhhhhh

  • maC DIESEL




  • Khalifa

    Thanks you Mac diesel finally someone smart on here!!!!!

  • Mac Diesal when you in the streets street shit happens.Ppl get shot everyday B.keep ya head up Dep and bless the victim

  • ayo

    Some people can kill or have people kill and sleep easy, G deps soft…dudes leaving his wife and kids with no breadwinner cause he can’t take no more? Hope dude gets buttraped and his wife and daughters turn to prositution

  • Khalifa

    Looks like me
    And Mac diesel are the only ones in here who have brains and understand there is NO need to kill someone for the reason he did!! C’mon ppl look at your selfs feeling sorry for a murderer…PUT YOURSELF IN HIS FAMILYS SHOES!

  • mac DIESEL

    when you in the streets street shit happens.Ppl get shot everyday




  • ODC

    Give respect for confessing and receiving the time as justice for the victim.
    Although he tried to front in the defense. lol.

    Serve your time like a man now. Seems like he is.

    If any wanna claim real nigga he is. Not for the shooting, but this ending .

  • Kemosabi

    @ODC exactly. Almost anyone can pick up a gun close there bitch eyes and squeeze. And until you take a body @ayo you have no right talking about what’s soft you’re not in his shoes don’t judge that nigga

  • thunn

    whats done is done, hes getting punished for what he did and he should but i respect that he took it like a man. Free boosie free C murder fuck outta here free niggaz why cuz they rap???? them niggaz killed people let them sit they ass in jail and rock.. This nigga did the right thing cant bring dude back but u can still try and make things right

  • get bucks

    Anybody defending G. Dep on this site is fuckin’ STUPID. He CONFESSED to KILLING someone during a ROBBERY. Someone willing to do that should NOT be in SOCIETY with the rest of US. I can see if it was over some drug beef/street beef, because then there’d be less compassion for the victim. G. Dep killed a stranger in cold blood for $$$. I’m not judging him, but I refuse to defend him with a “Keep Ya Head Up” or whatever the cool slogan for the incarcerated is currently circulating.

    Too much real shit goin’ on…

  • Clos1881

    Im not a judge or jury nor am I god i think it’s a sad situation all the way around I think they said he was on dust when this incident took place and I’ve had family on drugs and I know that when they were on drugs they weren’t the same person I grew up loving I pray for the family and g dep and his family everyone involved in the situation

  • R.Cey

    @ Khalifa: I respect your point of view but can you get it across without shitting on people who view this shit differently. That so fucking juvenile – “fuck this, fuck that, you stupid, you dumb, suck this, suck that, you ain’t shit” and all that rah-rah.

    I won’t war with you or your like cuz you’re entitled to your opinions as I am. Let’s agree to disagree

  • K

    People do bad things daily thinking they can get away with them. Here’s a man who’s god centered now and was willing to pay his price. And he did just that. Next right thing sets u free.

  • wheels

    Being A man isnt the word! PEACE is all we all want at the end of the day. Money, Girls, Jewlery didnt bring him peace. Peace in his soul is what he wanted and he sacraficed his freedom for that. G-Dep your a role model to me homie Much Love

  • lol yall crazy as fuck dude said he leaving his wife nd kids lmao thn said i hope his wife nd daughter become prostitutes lol wtf

  • LukeCage

    This nigga had to be like Christian Bale in The Machinist

  • damm

    thats a man a real g

  • How Wonderful…

    GDep did the right thing. He took responsibility and ownership for his actions. Majority of people take credit, but dont take responsibility. Say what you want, hate all you want but he did the right thing by accepting responsibility. If you cant see that then you are probably a low grade street nigga!!

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Biittcchh!

    The man made a mistake as a teen… Took him years but he stepped up and took responsibility for his actions… I think there is honor in that.. As children of the Lord we are all allowed to make mistakes and repent for our mistakes.. God Bless Mr. Henkel.. And God Bless G-Dep.. At the end of the day the Lord has the final say.. And by taking this action.. He is making peace with the Lord.. For that he gets my respect…

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  • I’ve messed up lots of times in my life, never killed anyone but the man did the right thing. He admitted he made a mistake and was responsible by turning himself in. He seems to have faith in God through this and you know God can forgive anything–even killing a man. I have respect for him.