Jadakiss Consignment Cover

Life is a gamble, and so is the cover art for Jada’s upcoming mixtape. Hosted by Drama, Kiss will be taking on that Southern sound. Hopefully, the outcome is good. We’ll see on April 27.

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  • I need that.

  • killzone

    Word deff need that mixtape

  • Khalifa

    Gonna be dope cuz finally jada will be on dope beats

  • KillaTesh

    Jada be looking mad weird with hair lol…but this tape should be fire

  • JonnyPixelor

    The cover is dope, can’t wait til this joint drops. But whoever designed the cover spelled Gangsta wrong! “Gansta” wow I hope that was intentional. SMH

  • TheRealBigHomie

    Ugly fat nigga.

  • Ricky Retardo

    how do you misspell an intentional misspelled word?

  • NoSoup4Yu

    the word spelled wrong on purpose to take the attention away his hair

  • jadasucks

    HAHA what a soft fat turtle

  • TeamNYX

    jada rappin over down south beats? oh boy! the sellout by NY rappers continues.

  • Whoresuckings

    But wait tho how he get hair ??? He on that carlos boozer formula

  • cant wait

  • In Your Fucking Face

    Kiss Is My Favorite Ninja Turtle. But As Many Niggas That Have Seen This How Do You Spell Gangsta Wrong?

  • fastflipper

    kiss dick riding south so much

    look gay as hell with hair

    to be honest who care about kiss he got the same lrycis for the last 15 years

  • No homo, them nails is photoshopped too damn much… but it is a DOPE cover. Looks like a French Film Noir starring Alain Delon or some ish.

  • dat nig

    @ teamnyx

    Wow that’s the dummest ish I ever heard. Its just a mixtape NY rappers rap over down south & west coast beats all the time on mixtapes & vice versa calm down son.

    Lol kiss does look weird with hair he rocking the Carlos boozer look.

  • that’s some bowl

    what choo talkin bout kiss, lookin like gary coleman on the final season of diffrent strokes.

  • that’s some bowl

    Uncle Tom Jackson got another gig other than ESPN?

  • that’s some bowl

    knuckle bunions?


    is that a young uncle rukus from the boondocks? tape bout be fire doe

  • the great zeee

    hey need to step it up with the album cover art work thought if he trying to follow rozay formula. hire a good photographer man.

  • maC DIESEL

    lookin like gary coleman on the final season of diffrent strokes.

    Uncle Tom Jackson got another gig other than ESPN?




  • Kemosabi

    Carlos Boozer formula *DEAD*!!!!!!!

  • Jada look like lil cease…

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