MTV Hip Hop POV Episode 2

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In the second episode of Hip Hop POV, the hosts touched on the virtual resurrection of ‘Pac, go inside the lab with DJ Khaled, chat with Lil Wayne,

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  • Donn

    Say watchu want about Wayne but the dude is happy and that’s something I can’t hate on. He’s been missing lately with the music but it’s not all that serious mann. There’s bad Jay songs, bad Eminem songs, bad LL Cool J songs. Even bad Kanye songs. It’s life

  • YunG based god

    @Donn name one bad kanye song. kanye is one of the mostconsistent artists in history. thats the difference between him and wayne. kanye actually cares about the quality of his music

  • Brendan74


  • Donn

    @YunG Based God

    Lol, I’ma Kanye fan but I’m not a stan to where I think every Kanye song is the greatest lol. You wildin’. Like I said EVERYBODY makes bad songs

  • the brain trust

    Lol @ Don trynna dodge the question. The only bad Kanye songs I can think of are…. Drunk & Hot Girls and Robocop.

    Ye’s consistency>>>>>

  • grim genius

    gone, last call, don’t look down, christmas in harlem, paranoid, coldest winter: kanye songs that i’m not a big fan of, lemme repeat that again, kanye songs that I AM not a big fan of

  • sck

    Agreed. Kanye’s consistency is crazy which is why I think he’s one of the best artists out there. You ain’t ever seen somebody have that much consistency with their music.

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