• Me

    Petty smh. Yall made it seem like drake really fucked himself up.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Smh! NOT this again!!

  • Black Shady


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    hahahahaha this R&B goof nugget.

  • fastflipper

    thats suck for the fans that he dint even sang that much

    people pay you to sing not to do some back vocals of your own tracks

  • Pissed

    Hologram 2pac > Canada Dry

  • Collar Cali

    LOL… I had a nice LIL chuckle, but honestly I’m glad he didn’t seriously injure himself like last time… All that JUMPIN & shiiii

  • i cant believe y’all Americans are so dumb nigga aint falling for real its a public city stunt so as to get on news headlines and news paper bitches .

    we Nigerian new that damn mane ! y’all need know the game by now this aint the first time nigga falling last time nigga fell he went platinum mane geez gotta school y’all American niggas from africa aint that some shit?

  • Jaymalls

    Drake concerts are the sweetest… I wouldn’t even go with my bitch!

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    AGAIN!!! Is it that hard to walk on stage lmao…. I mean nigga ain’t got no dance routine going on smh…

  • CaliSteppin

    +1 @Pissed

  • who


  • Just Me


  • NC Scott

    I like how it sounds like the whole crowd is full of girls

  • IM730

    Did this @welcometostreet dude just call americans dumb at the same time sounding like a goddamn retard wrote his post.

  • C’mon Son

    trip falls on stage and the lyrics are still being sung as he was on his head, lipsync for the little girls drake your career is over before your third r&b album drops,that is not rap or hip hop

  • solar.the.god.g2b

    Drake sucks




  • A1FBG

    haha…dude be falling like he really putting on a show…nigga just rapping and barely singing

  • Why yall hate drake so much?

    He’s ur favorite rapper favorite rapper……ha!

  • yolo

    he got triped by the hologram tupac lol

  • Clay169

    Drake is not poppingI don’t care what anybody say go to Streetleaguemovement.com to see what I mean. Smh

  • Kemosabi

    Holograph PAC might be the hottest MC in the game right now

  • gaz

    Almost all performances have the chrous vocals playing in the instrumental played on stage, any chance to hate and yall jump at it.

  • I like everyone always say that people suck. They don’t suck, they’re making millions and selling millions. They travel the world and sellout HUGE concerts. You can’t perform better or you’d be there instead of him. Just say you dislike their music or nothing at all. Stop all that hating stuff. It’s 2012, we off that. These dudes are having fun, living their dreams making people happy. Don’t be bitter. Go follow your dream and cool the negativity people. Life is too short for that.

  • Gayke

    Why isn’t this Canadian R&B singing dweeb dead yet?

  • Word

    First of all, this wasnt even that bad. He played it off pretty good with that flip.

    Second, this dude is just clumsy anyway. Always tripping and falling or something. Still dope tho..

    Third, I know this nigga up top didnt just call Americans dumb and then in the same sentence say this is a “public city stunt”LMAOOOOO. I think you mean PUBLICITY. One word dick head.

  • I can’t take this seriously…is there a guy in the arena? Fuckin POP ARTIST/RNB

  • Real Deal

    NIgga is always fallin.

  • dll32

    @NC Scott so true !!

  • Right after Drake trips, all girls start screaming “I’LL TAKE CARE OF YOUUU” …thats love mayne.

  • mac DIESEL


  • J

    Drake is a cornball . He thinks he is hard cause he hangs around a couple thugs . He aint nothing but a bitch