• Midsize Jerm

    No, No, No.

  • John Legend

    ^ fuck outta here hoe

    this shit is great!

  • perc

    This that shit. Finally wayne killed somethin

  • John Legend

    chris brown had the best verse, wayne second

  • Donn

    Another weak verse from Wayne

    This is a throwaway honestly, not horrible but not good either

  • Khalifa


  • Hatin 101

    Sorry Gucci. 2 Chainz took your spot.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This is a terrible song Wack Weezy is just wack. The beat is nice.

  • mac DIESEL

    Weeeeeezy back

    Pockets on snookie, i wouldnt fuck snookie

    Shorty got a donk call her vince carter

    Im like 5’6 dick like 7’8

    Fuck a nigga wife eat the wedding cake

  • No,No,No WTF is this lol…That’s why I get for clicking on a gucci mane post smh.

    2 chainz is the new gucci mane,I tried to tell niggas!

  • illuzion33x

    weezy verse is horrible idk what yall smokin on

  • Birdham

    Remix with 2chainz soon! Ahaahaha

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  • Collar Cali

    Ughhh… how is this great,dope or hot?
    Chris killed his shiiii tho….
    Wayne fell off on his feature shiii…
    same shiii “pussy, eating pussy, red bones” & a silly quirky line…
    phuck outta here already.
    He’s so generic… drought 3 Wayne is dead.
    I need bird sh*t to hologram that sh*t back…

  • o_0

    @Collar Cali….REAL SHIT

  • JHP

    Did Wayne seriously just say “I don’t like bald pussy…I like wolf pussy” and Snooki ain’t even fat anymore… Chris Breezy just now kilt this nigga on this shit too smh


    wayne’s & gucci’s best collaboration will forever be we be steady mobbin

  • 7z5Say&what!


  • Nas lost

    Chris went in aint gonna lie, wayne sucked ass along with gucci

  • Nas lost

    beat is dope too, should just be a chris brown song

  • Person

    I’m sorry that this original unique beat was wasted on this………………………….

    & Wayne’s verse………….no comment

    not even trying to hate

  • Gucci Mane & 2 Chainz Are Top 5. But Lyrically Gucci is Better Than 2 Chainz! Your Ignornant If You Think Otherwise. Plus If 2 Chainz Took Anyone’s Spot It Was Wiz Khalifa! Which That’s Good. 2 Chainz > Wiz Khalifa!

  • dll32

    The beat is dope.
    Wish TI and Jeezy were on that

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  • Fuck Swag

    lol @HipHopSince88

    Your comment is fucking hilarious. It can’t be taken seriously.

  • CoolC

    nice song might be a radio hit

  • GoodKidInAMadcity
  • mac DIESEL




  • Red

    This track is fire hands down all so check out Streetleaguemovement.com to see the rest of the News about this new track.


    Weezy : “I dont like bald pussy I like wolf pussy”

    Nigga fuck a hairy ass twat…get outta here with them weak ass lyrics FFS

  • Swaggy

    2 chainz needa hop on this

  • lilwaynesbootyhole

    i love gucci mane ever since Chicken Talk. we all no he fell off after appeal. i think hes gonna make a comeback with this mixtape. everyone sayin 2 chainz took over gucci as of now your right 2 chainz feature game is fucking everyone up right now. as far as wayne im not even gonna say shit fuck lil wayne. chris brown went in on this track.

    2 chainz
    gucci mane
    young jeezy
    alley boy
    a$ap rocky

  • Hater, the Troll



  • chris brown went in, gucci was alright, wayne was…EH!
    decent song, nothing special, its just all hype only because of the features :

  • DJAR

    chris brown: better than 90 percent of rappers.

  • Joe

    beat is dope. people need to remix this song. ti would sound cray on dis shit

  • YunG based god

    waynes so repetitive. most overrated rapper of all time

  • **MyNaMek’Ree**

    tRap Back ??? naw coMMeRicaL/MainstReaM Back