• The Truth

    fuck 4/20


  • Blue
  • Rihanna (aka bitch dat dont give a fuck)

    this shit aint shit ya?

  • hahaha

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck. CAN WE STOP WITH THE POT MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS ALREADY? like my God…Rappers no how too make anything corny. It was cool when it was just Spitta & Wiz…hell even Snoop, but now every rapper wants too drop a struggle offerings rapping about pot.. WE GET IT.. YOU SMOKE POT TOO.. WOW YOUR COOL.. Geeeeeez.. this song was ok..Im just tired of the bullshit. smh

  • Ghost

    Dudes who think currency and wiz started weed rap are some young bitches listen to coming out hard or cypress hill or any redman CD . Damn you bitches don’t know shit

  • i dont even like that feeling of smoking weed but whooooo this shit smooth

  • KiDCaps

    sounds like a Cardo beat

  • George

    A pretty good weed song. Hadn’t heard one in a while. Found the lyrics for it. Follow the link bellow.


  • 50cent

    Everything ppl tell me to try I check do so go check this out http://www.Streetleaguemovement.com you won’t be mad that you did trust me.