• mac DIESEL


  • the finishline

    Santana! Dude is nice hopefully he get his shit together soon!

  • ohword

    lol this nigga juelz look like Juvi

  • Blue

    Juelz still popping he got money go to http://www.streeleaguemovement.com to see how camron fill about Santana smh

  • fuk waka

    this nigga needs to put that fucking mixtape out, which he been tryna put out for a year!

  • zezzoi

    My God…. Music from Juelz Santana??? Hell has frozen over.

    Reagan Era been coming soon since 2006.

    He even put out a behind the scenes of that .40 record or w.e the fuck it was called, we got nothin from it.

    Niggas lost on that syrup.

  • whiteboi

    he lost his buzz fuckin around bullshittin….sad

  • whiteboi

    this fool put out one verse in the last 36 months…yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn…best bet is stay on love n hip hop…lol

  • Black Shady

    Juelz used to b my nigga. been ridin with him since…before From Me 2 U

    but nigga gotta be the LAZIEST rapper in this rap shit….for real!

  • Blue

    Juelz career is over go to http://www.Streetleaguemovement.com to see what I mean he over rated now ,only one poping still an he’s wack is Jim jones

  • Khalifa

    Lol @ his work ethic..he has horrible awful ass work ethic!!!! His music (the very little we hear) is dope tho


    Sometimes you gotta take a break from this rapshit… ffs look at EM. You suckas complainin. It hasn’t even been a year yet. Wheres your rap career??


    @Blackshady ^

  • Nahh

    Him and weezy need to lock themselves in the studio with weed/syrup and give us some quality music…..a nigga can dream right? Lol

  • The track is okay. It’s time for Juelz to drop another album. Read my interview with him here: Don Bleek Interviews Juelz Santana: Ju Ju Speaks On His Upcoming Solo LP, Collaborative Disc With Lil Wayne & DI3 http://yodonbleekraps.com/2011/10/03/don-bleek-interviews-juelz-santana-ju-ju-speaks-on-his-upcoming-solo-lp-collaborative-disc-with-lil-wayne-di3/

  • BerkleeD.O.

    the remix i mixed a few days goes harder than this. MuhMuhMuhMuhMuhMuhMaybachMusic!!!!!

  • 50cent

    Real talk http://www.Streetleaguemovement.com is poping you won’t be mad if you check it out u dig

  • George

    Great track from Juelz. Get the lyrics for it at the link bellow.


  • everything i wanted to say has been said already. dude been hyping the same projects forever, aint seen or heard shit from him. dont take much to drop a mixtape these days.

    freestyle was ok. nothing crazy.

  • Santa

    @Black Shady
    Someone else feels my pain huh

  • Red

    Santana killed this shit, not his best but he knows that its just a freestyle.

    Reagan Era 2012 Its Coming Baby

    Watch Santana Claim Back the The Throne Of NY!!!

  • Tello

    Yeh santana’s back, please release that mixtape as you promised!

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