• and of course it’s called DMT and has nothing to do with DMT…

  • Big Mo


    Au contraire…I think that Soulja Boy’s entire existence is the result of a shared collective mass DMT trip…S-Beezy’s true essence only exists in a dimension beyond our normal realms of comprehension

  • qbeezy

    someone please tell him to stop rapping

  • DMVinyourchick

    Whole time it’s ironic how this cane out after Ab souls pineal gland dropped, but hey don’t call it reaching check Ab souls shit out for urself

  • ITSDman

    cant this fucknugget just go enjoy his riches and leave the mic alone

  • Kevin

    Soulja boy only had one hit in his career real talk go see what I mean at http://www.Streetleaguemovement.com

  • IG

    Soulja still prob getting that money

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  • dont play with my aim is tight forreal.

  • dodo


  • mac DIESEL


  • lil B?

  • Damn those mixes are horrendous! SB I hope you ain’t pay for that Signed artists should not be releasing music mixed that poorly. I can’t even comment on the tracks, those mixes make them unbearable.