New Music: Ab-Soul x ScHoolboy Q “SOPA”

The Stop Online Piracy Act got everyone with a WordPress running scared, but not Ab-Soul. Here’s his latest collaboration with fellow TDE member ScHoolboy Q. Soul’s Control System arrives May 11th.

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  • Mike

    Niggas acting like TDE don’t run LA!


    I WANT THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ump

    Damn, I’m not usually a huge fan of either of these guys, but this is fucking PIMP.

  • Marko-V

    Definitely feelin this song right here! Ab Soul is the sleeper of the crew. He left his fingerprints all over Section 80 and dat was considered a classic. Had the best verse on Schoolboy Q album hands down and now watch his street album be critically acclaimed. Solo!


  • Kim

    Check this out must see


    Ya’ll should be aware that the next version of SOPA is already being voted on, it is called CISPA.

    I know RAPRADAR thinks they can’t be bothered by this legislation, but sites like RR and any site with a comment section is going to be shutdown because you can’t afford to moderate the comments of your users. When a RR user posts a link to illegal music, it will be RR’s job to police their users and comments or else they will be fined thousands of dollars.

  • triv

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  • WA

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