Scarface Announces New Album Title

In addition to his project with Beanie, Facemob is keeping his schedule full. Yesterday,

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Remember when………rappers album date STUCK? A rapper on TWO albums? One of them (more likely BOTH) will get pushed back. Hint? “coming soon” just like Detox, L.O.X.

    This is getting real boring, remember Jadakiss said a week or two ago, they were going to announce a L.O.X deal? These dudes have no respect for their fans. Album sales are down for one reason and one reason only: rappers lack of consistency, “loyalty” to their fans/consumers.

    Instead, we get albums we don’t ask for, no disrespect, but a Styles P/Curren$y collabo. I don’t remember anyone asking for that or better yet a Waka, Future or even a Nicki Minak Roman sequel.

    It’s the lack of following/listening to the fans. It’s the truth. If rappers get back to the core of feeding the ear of their fans, record sales would skyrocket.

    Slaughterhouse is on their 3rd album (one of which is an EP). Why? Feeding the ear of their fans. The weak part is its the nicest rappers that are inconsistent. Why are we waiting over TEN years for a L.O.X album? Inconsistency.

    Disclaimer: I am not dissing these dudes. I just want these dudes to get back on their grind. No reason for fans to WAIT for music, NEWS FLASH, there’s something called the Internet. Why are y’all depending on a major.

  • Kim

    Check this out must see

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    Pretty cool, emiratus was a good album.

  • triv

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  • Fuck Anything Radio

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  • The Other P

    Face albums are Best Buy on release date purchases but does ‘Face even have a street single out to start tweeting “early summer?” Hopefully this will be a real ‘Face album & not J.Prince releasing an album of old leftover tracks like he’s done before.

  • WA

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  • this should be good