• Converse


  • oscar

    @Converse lol you sucker.

    trippy niggas doin big things. its bout to be a taylored year!

  • Biittcchh!

    Man… LoL..

  • drew

    Jimi Hendrix hippy trippy black panther 60’s vibe fucks wit Taylor gang or listen to the future pluto album

  • Anonymous

    Yo Wiz get the flag off the ground homie it’s not a bathrobe!

    “Taylor Gang or listen to good music.”

  • Diamonds

    This shit is fire. I like how the Source is welcoming the new generation of folks. Juicy is a little old but who gives this shit goes. #WorkHard

  • Pill

    Wiz is on his way to the top check this out http://www.Streetleaguemovement.com must see

  • Just Me


  • firealarm

    The flag should definitely not be on the ground.

    Who the fuck are those other 3 people?

  • Lola Monroe could get a baby from me though!

  • Jerzy

    Whats wrong with her ankles/feet?

    Sidebar: the Source is still around? 0_o

  • dodo

    pick the flag up. & juicy j looks old and out of place.

  • AO

    wiz look like a hippie…

    Instagram: CinematicFresh

  • BerkleeD.O.

    Trippy?? Really? Y don’t you “trippy” motherfuckers drop some acid and record an album? Or how bout some shrooms, DMT, DXM, 2c-i, 2c-E??? PICK UP OUR FLAG!!

  • BerkleeD.O.

    Juicy looks like bussa lil brother

  • BerkleeD.O.

    I wish we still had real black people that recognized real black problems; living and singing; representing our people and our culture, but instead…this. Black People are so much more intelligent, so much more articulate than this. DEMAND MORE FROM LIFE!!! BE AWARE PEOPLE!!! PLEASE, WAKE UP!!!

  • theraflu

    fuck that flag

  • KeepItReel101

    Wiz needs to push up his album, so he can drop that Taylor Gang album

  • Manny Manson

    Why do people give a fuk if the flag is on the ground?!?! He representin the States in a positive way..It’s not like he’s burning the flag or sumthin…Be easy.

  • Manny Manson

    HAHAHAHA!!! My nigga Theraflu said “fuk that flag”!!!! LOL!! 4real tho!

  • BerkleeD.O.


  • BerkleeD.O.

    MannyManson,Theraflu: Yall niggas must’ve never had anyone close to you die for the cause, even tho it didnt make sense. Must’ve never had a mom or dad that didnt want to go but had to so that they could feed their family. #IGNORANCEISBLISS

  • ….

    thats dope tho..wiz has his own lane and does things his way…tru hippie rapper

  • Nick

    so chevy woods is dressing like this too now? whenever wiz changes his look does his whole crew have to do the same….

  • Thoughts…

    so there’s a grace period in which all chicks have to be a side piece before they can become legitimate?…womp WOMP

  • dubiemane334

    He looks like a douche this is not 1970 ass hole

  • Marko-V

    If you study Wiz career as evidenced in all the youtube videos, you’ll notice Wiz trying to find his sound and himself in the process so this whole hippy look shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. And I can’t take none of the others seriously not even Juicy J.



  • Kim

    You guys have to see this http://www.Streetleaguemovement.com

  • Grim DeLarge

    chevy woods mixtapes are on point

  • Trillionaire

    y’all need to stop hating …Juicy J that nigga … Wiz cool but he starting to look old as hell wtf?? slow down nigga

  • Dude, Wiz is still like 22-23 years old. Yall niggas act like he’s old enough to be President or something. Let him do what the fuck he wants.

  • triv

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  • Chris

    Im a wiz fan but not a fan of the source or the cover.

    I’d rather have I’ll fuck yo chick wiz over this new I’m rich and engaged flow…

  • mac DIESEL


    …….YA CREW IS WEAK, SON!!!!


  • Fux U kneed to No Foh!

    No fucking comment!

  • Fux U kneed to No Foh!

    Why ,whatever the fuck her name is trying to stand bowlegged? Cum catching bitch look awkward ass hell!

  • WA

    http:// worldlyapparel .blogspot. com

  • lilrizq

    The Taylors are about to take this game over, most def pickin this up even though i don’t really -uck with the Source like that anymore. TGOD… now look at my music video director debut of me and my dudes overseas. Karl Lagerfeld at 3:49

  • King Chandler

    Does anybody that’s over 20 years old bump this dudes music? Seriously…? We know your pathetic life story Wiz, you smoke weed all day and only with papers, and in between your endless weed sessions you drink champagne and take flights all while wearing fly clothes that other dudes can’t afford. And supposedly everyone copied your style so you started dressing like a fuckin hippy. At least nobody will jack your style now..lol. Chevy is ass and I dont care how many years Juicy been in the game, dudes lyrics are about as elementary as they get, not to mention dudes gotta be over 40 by now and he still acts like a first year college student. Don’t confuse hating with an appreciation for thought provoking lyrics and a range of subject matter, yall internet groupies throw that term hater around way too much. And for the lame that posted saying “Wiz has his own lane”, what the f*ck lane is that, you know how many sub par rappers spit about weed, and dressing fly nowadays, shit is disgusting. Rants over.

  • hahaha

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    Applaud King Chandler for he has bestowed upon ye commoners what the divine may call REAL SHIT!

    and I’m a Wiz fan or was until I heard the beat drop on his latest song, and then the chorus happened, then I (OG) Nightmare on Elm Street-ed my ear drums.

    Rap is so tired now that i’m an adult and won’t let it shape my existence.

  • BerkleeD.O.


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  • larry johnson

    this is a new site thats on fire right hear http://www.streetleaguemovement.com you would not be dissapointed