DJ Skee Interviews A$AP Rocky

It was a full house at the Skee Lodge as A$AP discusses “Goldie“, life after signing to a major label, Rihanna’s tweet, upcoming projects, his top MCs and advice for upcoming artists.

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  • Donn

    I wanna hear Asap and Lana Del Rey

  • theraflu

    yup @truth

  • herbsaac

    The truth and donn are retarded.. this dude is bringing credibilty back to the rap game destroyed by soft acts such as drake.. liars like Ross.. boring get money rap that is impossible to actually get on a level that most people are listening to the music (racks on racks on racks<== still havent heard that in full)

    This dude is the shit.. his style is unique blend of the bestparts of new york(minus lloyd banks because he is the best in new york) and the best parts of houston…

    Over hyped was drake.. Over hyped was yung joc.. over hyped is mac miller.. that dude mac miller mnight be a bigger joke than rick ross saying he still fucks with cocaine

  • Donn


    What are you talking about. Nigga I fuck with Asap hardbody, calm down. I said I wanna hear the track he did with Lana Del Rey he said he did in an interview

  • the One

    I guess Missy don’t know what she doing with lil kim… We shall see miss Banks! lol!!! I think a lot of people are going to eat there words! Some yella nigga!

  • King Chandler

    @herbsaac….. How old are you bruh?, you must be a teenager because i’m 26 and if you grew up on the same hip hop that I did (Mega, Nas, Tragedy Khadafi) your brain would not let you post that fuckery I just read. Asap Rocky is lucky it’s not the 90’s, because this dude would be a laughing stock. He’s dope to you young boys because your all about swag this and swag that, prove me wrong and post 2 thought provoking intelligent bars by this dude. And you should headbutt a cactus for saying Banks is the best in NY, fuck outta here with that. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you and come back on here with some nonsense please…..out

  • As far as credibility’s concerned, ASAP Rocky’s had no real adversity in his life, only typically impovershed. If youre referring to credibility for not making a false persona like Rick Ross, then okay. He doesnt claim to do anything credible except womanize and smoke weed, so credibility’s hard to pin point when the rappers arent talking about anything.

  • herbsaac

    My bad donnn… i meant theraflu..

    Uh.. these dudes are all fly.. they all rap from shit they;ve done and bitches they fucked.. they dont get astronomical numbers from the drug game.. they had chains before they got their signing bonuses.. some of these kids did work before the rap game and thats all you need for me to start liking you.. and then the beat selection was on bar.. and its way better than the pop bullshit.. asaps pop bull shit is really dope too

  • herbsaac

    oh and @truth that one mixtape blows the doors off most actual cds that are out..

    I came to the conclusion that im not gonna bitch about artists mainstream cds anymore.. those cds arent for me..they are for the women who like to say ass ass ass ass ass ass and the guys who think watching the music video is a cool thing to do.. most people who areinto that ppoppyy shit hard will stop liking it in 5 years and ask themselves why they liked it so much back then

    so basically im sticking to mixtapes and never buying studio releases again because they arent for me and they fucking are pop nonsense(example.. Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers and Wiz Khalifa Kush and Orange Juice.. <==== One of these cds is really good and the other one gets cconstant play form the bitchs up at the lake.. which is cooll.. but the music sucks and is pop garbage)

    But ASAP's crew is tight because they been fucking around for years.. they knew people before they got in the game.. they are better than your favorite…

    Oh and yes lloyd banks is the best in new york right now.. he beats out papoose and joell ortiz.. and if you find some super underground rapper i dont really care to hear it that type of shit dont matter to me.. Banks is the illest

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