• damnDUDE

    dammn hes biting ross HARD BODY

  • Hows FatJoe saying No Country For Old Men and hes much older than me….mid 40’s atleast

  • So Icy Boi!

    Im not checkin 4 old nigguhz but Fat Joe can rap. He also ethered 50 Cunt’s career lol. French Montana n 2 Chainz r simply inkredible. swag

  • RZ

    Am I the only one who thinks polo is extremely played out? Personally haven’t worn it in like 4 years.

  • La Verdad

    Fat Joe is wack. Nobody checkin for Fat Joe anymore. Why you blogs stuffing him down our throats. Joey Crack is washed up. Outside of NYC, he only poppin in Miami. Please put the MIC down Joe. Retire. Let French Montana do his thing without you. You hurting his career. You was not really popping 5 years ago, let alone now. Hang it up and I say with with sincerity, you had your time, lay the MIC down.

  • TeamNYX

    Are all ny rappers gonna copy rick ross, 2chainz, lil wayne, gucci? Fat Joe & Red Cafe the same copycat wackness.

  • anon

    man i remember when fat joe was rollin with Big L .. had to step up his lyrical game when he was chillin with l in the bronx.

  • Gambino

    more Montana, more garbage

  • mac DIESEL

    “I beats the pussy up like them headphones”



  • HK

    Not mad at this. And no Polo did not fall off, lol

  • How old is Joey anyways??? Talking about no country for old men…

    And et off Ross’ flow nigga, get ya own.

  • naM deR

    Joe really fell off, Remy was doing an ok job writing those lyrics for awhile but now dude is trash, french is just showing some Bronx love to Joe

  • Why So Serious

    Joey selling out hard, wanna be dirty south rapper

  • decent tune nice hook.