New Music: Slaughterhouse x Cee-Lo “My Life”

Life’s been good for these four lately and here is their latest offering featuring Cee-Lo. Between Cee’s hook and the crew’s lyrics, this sounds

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  • 7RobA7


  • NextUp


  • Rickyrock

    holy fuck, this is a hit

  • Jason

    This is going to be so hot!!! Spit fire just like usuall

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  • Marko-v

    Finna try and remember someones verse so I can impress others at the concert tonite here in the Lou. Lol hell nobody will remember me any other way even tho Ill pass out my cd for free so midas well


  • ous

    Fucki dope Shady 2.0

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  • Luke

    Dope !!

  • Stunna

    Lmao at the sample
    shit is fire doe

  • ireland

    thats a hit

  • frank white

    This is generic as hell. I am a fan of slaughterhouse. I think crooked I is very underrated. I think crooked and joell murdered the song “monsters in my head.” I just hate this song. It sounds like a generic version of an eminem song. I see they are trying to find a way to go commercial without letting down the hardcore fanbase. Lets be realistic. This is a poor song from an above average group. I think joe budden is entertaining on interviews and twitter but he is nothing special as a rapper. Joe thinks he is lyrical just because he uses these weirdo crazy knowledge metaphors that make him sound stupid in the long run. I think joell ortiz needs a better character. What is his image. What does he do. What is he. Nobody knows

  • I was just telling my folks hammer dance still felt like a buzz single and I felt they could pull of a psuedo southern beat anthem for a bigger sample.They needed a record like this and Cee Lo adds a new dimension to this formula.I’m in full support of them getting their chips.SLAUGHTERHOUSE

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  • lll

    @frank white…..You’re an idiot.
    Royce is Detroit vet.
    Joe is one of the best rappers alive.
    Crooked and Joell are crazy dope as well.

    This was meant to build hype. I believe Hammer Dance was their street single.

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  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Hmm… Fan of Slaughterhouse but I’m not really feeling this joint, the beat is very generic and gets boring after awhile, the lyrics aren’t really that great either… I can see what they were trying to do but… it didn’t work too well imo. Hope this is no more than a throw away or bonus track…

  • ayoooo

    @frank white

    kids never been through shit if he thinks joey can rap..HAAAA!!!!! YOU IN THAT MOOD YET???

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  • ayoooo


  • Jason27

    Disappointing song, but I understand they’re trying to get radio exposure. Welcome to the world of major record labels.

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  • Sam

    This shit is fireeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • JL

    Slaughterhouse are selling out already? This is horrible, i’ve been listening to their first album all day and this new song is just horrible, so commercial.

  • mac DIESEL




  • shady

    how the FUCK ya’ll wana hate on these dudes trying to get a bigger audience?! ya’ll ma fuckers aint gna buy the albums, stoopid bum as dudes simply crtiiquing a track just cause it dont match the category ya’ll placed slaughterhouse in??
    I support the movement 100% cause i know for a fact that when em released “love the way you lie” ayy body was like “fuck em soldout big time” when he put out ‘wont back down” ayybody was like WTF IS THIS! hes doing a track with PINK?! that track has GOT to be one of the most IN YO FACE, hard hitting punchlines line after line kinda tracks.
    If anyone is selling out its you fuckin hardcore fans who just dont want to let a group GROW. Its unbelieaably hyporcitical that you support a group to the fullest and the moment they wana get a bigger audience you tell em they sellin out. IF you ma fuckers dont like it…MOVE ON! There are going to be plenty more tracks on the album

  • lyryqal

    its aight, not mind-blowing

  • Jgertz

    I love Slaughterhouse. Doesn’t matter how commercial this song sounds. The more exposure they get the better. Rather have good artist make money than have shitty rappers make all the money.

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  • Why So Serious

    Have not heard this track yet, but i’m really hoping that these guys don’t sellout.

  • Donn

    Lmaooo niggas getting mad. So when SlaughterHouse reaches for radio its ok but when everybody else does it their sellouts lol. Make up ur mind.

  • WA

    http:// worldlyapparel .blogspot. com

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  • dmfslimm

    not feeling it. i put on yn twitter that i think it should be a bonus cut. im sorry, i dont like that the system wants us to feel this shit when what we need is hip hop. then the sample, cmon man. eminem always pick the gay dance hits from the 90’s for these so called “stadium, put your lighters in the air” songs. and sway was bout to OD on it this morning.

  • lll

    @Donn….Going as far as Wayne is selling out.
    Listen to Carter 2 (or even 3) and his latest album.
    Even know I hate his whole discography, he used to have some street jams.

    Now if Slaughterhouse’s album is full of songs like this, feel free to call them sell-outs.
    Until then, shut up and enjoy the music.

  • Stylez

    MOTIVATION MUSIC>… Younginz Dont Understand The Message In The Music…

  • Honestly, the niggas sayin this sounds like a generic Eminem “single” are right. Not feeling this at all, and I fuck wit the group…


    Y’all niggaz complainin prolly don’t buy their music but just download it, they are men with families, they gave TONS of hard hip hop and still will, at the end of the day, this is a business and they spit hard on this regardless

  • theraflu

    anthem music. we know slaughterhouse can rap, its undeniable, this song proves that. be happy stop hating.

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  • fuk gucci

    S-L-A U-G-H T-E-R-H-O-U-S-E !! i knew they would come bak form hammer dance!

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  • dmc

    this is actually dope

  • Courtney

    People are stupid…if they don’t do stuff like this to try and get radio exposure to get their stuff out their and sell some albums then they will never get anywhere and album sales would suck- if they do this they are sell outs, right? It is part of the job to hit it at every angle so they can keep making records and money- buy the CD and most of the songs wont sound so radio friendly, just because a couple of songs don’t fit (or even them) doesn’t make them sell outs, this is their career, and should make mix it up to reach a bigger audience.


    everybody who says an artist “sold out” is not a true fan…the verses are crazy and hopefully the song does good on the radio! an artist wants to have more fans…thats what it’s all about…every song that has a chours these days is a sell out song…I don’t get it…I will support them guys as long as they make good music and this is fucking dope…so get over it and let your artist grow and be proud of him if he makes it!!!!

  • nico_one

    FIRST COME – FIRST SERVE… it was “KOOL SAVAS” who come and serve first with this track – but Slaugterhouse copy a good one!

  • Hotter in Winter

    shady said its all, but let me add this: Did you listen to the lyrics? The fuckin flows?! Crook had about 5 different flows in his 16 alone! Yeah, the beat’s “poppy”. Its still knocks though. And Cee-Lo on the hook is genius. Muthafuckas did this same shit with LASERS. Yeah Lupe had a few “pop” beats and hooks, but his lyrics and content still reached that high standard that he previously set. It’s the same situation here. Slaughterhouse will NOT sell-out. Let them try to sell though, damn!

  • lolohword

    you ol “my daddy never gave me a hug” ass niggas always saying someone sold out. lol you can’t talk about shooting and slinging drugs on every track. Name 1 rapper that hasn’t made a song with a r&b singer or pop singer? You little punks probably the same that bump drake all day, and YM but that’s that cool shit huh? lol fuck outta here

  • stopyabloodclotcrying

    Definitely sounds like a hit… whether its radio friendly or catered to an audience is irrelevant since u know they’re going to bring in some of the other hip hop content for their album. The ones complaining need to remember a single is different then some of the album cuts. And if you want Slaughterhouse to reach a higher plateau this isn’t a bad song to go with, esp since they’re still keeping it fresh with their lyrics and its still them. U cant make everybody happy. But for sure this should help their reach.

  • stopyabloodclotcrying

    By the way the track is dope! Now its just time to throw it to those kids and let em request it every hour on their local stations.

  • True

    Lol Hammerdance won’t getting enough buzz so they had to go a little more mainstream, I ain’t got a problem with it as long as the whole album ain’t poppy radio friendly tracks.

  • R

    I don’t mind reaching for commercial audience at all, just not feeling this track… disappointed…

  • a hit is a hit…

  • Phillmatic

    I like this.

  • VictoriaLiyah

    the best in hiphop. I’m so proud of these guys. #Slaughterhouse

  • M

    Slaughterhouse is dope, and I’ll support them.

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, this what 2 million singles sold and a album that

  • t

    this shit just gave me the most intense goosebumbs ever

  • Hmmm

    The Illest>>Hammer Dance>>>>>MyLife

    I Think the song will take time to get to like, at the moment its ok not there best but still hard.

  • Zrzck

    Please enlighten me. How is this selling out? Yes the beat is generic FOR a slaughterhouse type of song but their LYRICS and FLOW is on POINT . Straight hip hop

  • as

    I don’t know. My personal feelings about selling out has less to do with a “sound” and more to do with not doing what you love or promised. This has a radio friendly sound, but that does not mean it’s necessarily ‘selling out’. The message behind the lyrics has nothing to do with selling it out, and everything to do with how ecstatic they are that they finally made it onto a major label with a CEO who understands (in their opinion) Music.

    This has a great summer feel, and will probably be a smash. I cannot disrespect that.

  • hip hop

    that dude the left a comment (shady) is 110% right u lot are just haters prob wont even buy the album let the group GROW

  • what happened 2 them not tryin 2 go commerial.??? i guess the formula is to make it & get over into the mainstream… without losing steam: this was aight… this was aight from slaughterhouse??? wow… i hope they got harder songs than this…

    cuz this sound i am sick of…its all over the radio, that was hot in the early 2000s and its resurfaced & its killing music… everyone is using this sound: separate urself from the pack… guess its realign urself within the pack

  • i guess groups like ace of base would be proud to see that the sound they used is now running rapid everywhere… guess its time for them to resurface

  • the truth

    this song is deep, at first i was just like they tryna go radio and make that money, but this shit still goes hard

  • I see nothing wrong with this… Doesnt sound too mainstream but doesnt sound too gully.

  • Abby

    damn that’s crazy! this slaughterhouse single is super trash i may be harsh but sounds so forceful marshall bout to make this album pop music a good portion of it… pretty much interscope probably forced them to do this……they’re supposed to blow in the mainstream. That’s the objective. not gonna happen tho…it’s just a lighters knock off without adequate star power to make it pop in the mainstream….In other words they’re making music according to other artists formulas and hoping it works for them.. so its destined to fail. First Hell the sequel – flopped. Radioactive – terrible welcome to : our house – gonna disappoint alot of fans.

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  • plus

    My Life is a hit but its just only gonna be official if it blows up to Lighters status or close to it. and even then it only did well because of the hook. Which will likely be the case here. SH by themselves cannot make radio hits. but hopefully the cee lo attachment will help it get bigger than hammer dance.Cee-Lo isn’t exactly Bruno Mars to the mainstream. He’s got very few mainstream hits solo but then bruno has been buzzing for a while now and cee lo as a solo artist has just come back. He’s the guy who did the fuck you song.. and that’s about it. Bruno on the other hand is a mainstream teeny girl’s favorite…..but hopefully the song gets picked up and helps the sales even the time comes. or else itll be a dope album with low sales…so yeah it’s gonna be low sales.. it’s time to accept that.

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  • SHADY!!

    You can’t blame them for trying to actually trying to make money. I think they did a good job at mixing commercial music with some lyricism.

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  • Mike

    This song is meant to build a bigger audience and anyone who cant see that is just stupid…Do you guys truly believe that because of this one song that they are gonna have just all rihanna and bruno mars and lady gaga songs on the rest of the album? I guarantee that there is this song and maybe 1 more radio type song and the rest is real lyrical shit….This song is perfect for building a fanbase and slaughterhouse knows that….All opinions on selling out will change once the album is out…

  • Brahsef

    Beat is atrocious. I love how all you keep saying if you truly love the artist you want them to reach a larger audience. I don’t give a fuck if my favorite artists reach a bigger audience. I want them to continue to make music that I like. Who cares if they get famous besides them? (This is general speaking, I don’t even like Slaughterhouse)

    And please stop saying that this is an artist growing. No, this is an artist regressing. There’s good pop songs, and there are bad pop songs. This is a generic, bad pop song. It may sell, but that doesn’t mean its quality.

    Yall sound like suckers for the music labels that have sucked the life out of hip hop. Get off the its all about the money bullshit, it’s about the art.

  • AdELA

    Another hit from Slaughter House and STREEEEETRUNNER!!!

  • Dick Hertz

    Good to see Royce and Cee-Lo working together again

  • BiggMar


  • sayWut

    wooo yeahh lets jump on the fuckin bandwagon and call them sellouts

  • Chrisalejo

    Its a radio single i expect it to be bad. If they get the right marketing for this song I can seeing it going to top 40. But being a slaughterhouse fan its ight. Cee Lo did his thing though. Im still going to buy the album cause im a fan.

  • V.S

    this is such a incredible track. i dont give a fuck if its commercial or not… i been a fan of the slaughter gang since they hooked up for the first time on buddens mixtape…

    you gotta get a single to play on radio and this is that, but it’s also a track to inspire … anyone who just hates on this track can jus suck two dicks

  • pretty dope

  • Bong

    “The best sign you can put on your store is Sold Out”
    – Bill Withers

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    yep better than other average hits ..yep ..

  • You niggas missing the point, it’s not about selling out, keeping it real, or none of that shit. It’s about good and bad music, period. And IMO, they could’ve done a radio track better, they already have individually and as a group. This really does sound like some Eminem Recovery throwaway track…

  • ATG


    A-fuckin-men!! Well said, they sell out fans haha!

  • derek duhh

    this is to the wack so called fans of slaughterhouse………… DOPE SONG DOPE SONG DOPE SONG DOPE SONG HAHAHAHHA you dont get the last laugh FUCK YALL ahha

  • JHP

    This song isn’t going to be a hit, I can assure you of that. This ain’t gonna be no Hot 100 top ten hit, it ain’t gonna get radio play on stations along with Adele, Bruno Mars, and all those successful crossover motherfuckers. Only Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, & Kanye have been able to do that on a CONSISTENT basis recently. Slaughterhouse isn’t a marketable group, and Cee Lo Green isn’t the kind of artist whose feature automatically eqauls big hit.

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  • JREC

    Yo… I love that BOOM BAP like the next hip hop head..


    WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • RC

    Im going to be disappointed. Very disappointed.

    This is a str8 up remake of T.I’s – Live Your Life Beat.

    I’m not blown away by any of their music. Its all just ok.

  • Protest

    if this beat was different, people would say other shit about it. theyre doing the same shit theve always done. i like this

  • thanks for the add check out the new album its on fire right now!!! Static “Outspoken”Ft Bizarre of d12 and GLC!!!

  • realness

    to all you bloggers please get a fuckin life. these artists done prove themselves on gazillion mixtapes as far as lyrical ability. they have yet to prove themselves on making songs and hits.. most of you fuck faces dont even buy albums, u sit at home all day critiquing what ur suppose to feel. This is the reason y people do pop music cause that crowd supports what they artist are doing. if u buy there real records than they would not have an excuse to crossover.

  • WestCoast

    This is how you make a lyrical? mainstream song. Em knows what he’s doing!

  • Bangers N Mash

    This is nice as hell. This can appeal to the masses without dumbing down the lyrics and flow. This is how mainstream hip hop is supposed to sound.

  • CrazyAtomic

    Wayne who?

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  • whoa…. its ok! doin what i hope doesn’t hurt there sound… keep the sentiment of the underground without denying it to attain a broader audience is a hard gesture to atttain…

    its not to the pedigree of move on…. but, its still a dope song! glad to see them getting they’re due

    S L A U G H T E R H O U S E: welcome to our house

  • Shady08

    Shady Records

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