Nicki Minaj Returns To Twitter

Sad day for The Barbz. Earlier today, Nicki shut down her Twitter due a fan site that leaked her music. With over eleven million followers, Minaj is sure to eventually come to her senses. In the meantime, pick up a copy of

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  • Stephen

    I’m officially done with her. She does toooooo much.

  • damn

    damn breaking news homie

  • HAQ

    lol what type’a news is this??? r u retarded?

  • jill

    So childish. How many artists music was leaked? She’s 29 but act like she’s 12.

  • UKtings

    She’s obviously just deactivated it and she’ll be back within the 30 days you get before it disappears. Cry more.

  • dmc

    What a drama queen…I say it’s a publicity stunt

  • blv

    slow news day

  • Def

    I just had to comment. Out of all the shit yall post this is by far the dumbest shit.

  • the void

    talk about TMZ raps. this blog is lame. even on a slow day, this isnt news worthy. haha nerds.

  • Word

    Its sunday guys. What do you expect? Slow news days are slow.

  • Khalifa

    OMG OMG OMG OMG SHE DELETED HER TWITTER IN SADENED!! NOT*** she makes awful music anymore back in 08 she was dope, now…Weak..but she got a nice bod lol

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Yes ! Next step Nicki is going to retire from music.

  • JustMyopinion

    So……….since I am not a member of ANY social network (Twitter, FB, Instagram). Does Twitter define who we are if we don’t have Twitter it’s the end of our existence? SERIOUSLY, can someone answer that?

    No joke y’all: a century from now, this civilization will be looked at as if we had NO understanding. Don’t know how wel’l be defined but……….*shrugs shoulder*

  • She should delete her music.

  • Loaded

    Stephen says:
    Sunday, April 15 2012 at 5:59 PM EST

  • oj Da Cornball

    Can she delta her career and presence the same? yeah, that’ll be great.

  • Yeah

    why did you make a blog post about this, stop giving this no talent broad attention


    Rap Radar ya need step it up

  • TeamNYX

    Nice promo move. she’s right back on twitter 2moro.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Nooooo Nicki come back! On da bright side,mah new album Gangsta : Da So Icy Boi! Story iz comin out on July 3rd. swag

  • Biggie

    Not a single fuck was given towards this

  • leak music don’t the album already drop…@biggie you just might be right LOL.

  • austinbig

    why the fuck is this posted? rap radar u played yourself for the last time with this minaj ish

  • hoe

    noooo why? i wanna die

  • merry

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  • Black Shady

    Publicity stunt bcuz her pop album flopped

  • King Kong

    I don’t give a fuck.
    Seriously, I just don’t give a fuck.

  • ATL_XL

    I don’t know if I would call 250k first week a flop. she sold 325k first week last album and it went double platinum. only time will tell.

  • Oz1

    pressure of cooking a hot garbage album taking its tool

  • monsignor G.H.O.S.T.

    “In the meantime, pick up a copy of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded in stores now.”
    Hey Amaya… In the meantime, suck my dick.

  • Word

    Her last album didnt flop, but she went backwards tho and thats the point. Obviously she lost some of her fan base because if not, she would have AT LEAST done the same first week numbers as her first album. She didnt. Its not a flop but its not good either because she didnt top herself. Shit, she lost almost 100k in first week sales as opposed to last year. And Pink Friday got carried to 2x Plat by that one single she had off the bonus…forgot what its called. She dont have a hit like that this time so I think she may hit plat but not much else. Album was truly bad so I see her getting gold and thats it.

    Next album will see another decline unless she stops being sooooo predictable and wack. Drake the only one moving forward. Even Wayne fans dont bring up C4 like that.

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Stat3030

    stfu so icy boi

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Unless she posting booty pics to her instagram, I could care less. I doubt what she tweets matters.

  • the void

    lol @ how she looks like lil kim in that pic.

  • still best right now!!

    I agree with most of the post…I think shes still salty about her 2nd LP not being as successful…

    but I charge it to the sophomore slump which is valid for MOST artist, they try so hard to top or live up to the 1st that the shit there working on now suffers, hopefully she can find herself next album

  • michelle michelle

    she’ll be back




    and the only reason she is in young money is cuz she fucked drake and lil wayne bitch probly has ever std in the books she gotta make sure she gets her herpes medication lmfaoooooo


    and shes all fake i dare her to get a shot without makeup probly look like a fuckin baboon

  • joe5685

    lmfao ^ cant wait til the ho gets knocked up tits gonna get all saggy and her ass is just gonna be pure 300 pound fat

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  • Dark Hater

    if only twitter stood for “music”

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  • joe5685

    great post your a fucking idiot lol

  • Good Riddance. fucking disgrace to artists and music. Could she look anymore plastic? fuckin barbie.

  • ricsipop

    twitter is a better place now

  • im #TeamMinaj and I DONT GIVE A FUCK.

    This is just Twitter not the end of the world.

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  • Evil

    Of course she comes back.Nicki has turned into a fucking divaqueen but even she knows she cant let 11 million fans hanging.She need them more than they need her.

  • NipseyHusslex2

    Nicki Minaj is one ugly monkey

  • UKtings

    She def took the crown of biggest attention whore from Gaga.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Deactivating your Twitter/Facebook is like the adult version of saying “I’m gonna run away from home!!” Pbbffttt! WE KNOW YOU’LL BE BACK!

  • the brain trust

    I look at this grotesque pic of Nicki Menage and I just SMH.

    This whore’s complexion can only be described as ‘burnt orange’. Her hair? Caucasian blonde of course.

    I stare at this photograph and I see self hatred. I see shame.

    It’s glaringly obvious what her aspirations are. 1. Become a pretty lil white girl. 2. Make popcorn music for upper class teenagers.

    The sad thing is, she probably isn’t aware of what she’s become. In her mind, she’s just ‘experimenting’, ‘getting money’ or ‘broadening her horizons’ if you will.

    I would describe Menage’s story as one of unfulfilled potential but in my view, she had very little talent to begin with.

  • ITSDman

    update: i couldnt give a fraction of a fuck real talk

  • Andrew

    oh how lovely, just in time to promote her upcoming music video
    “i see right thru you, ya whole shit’s made of glass”

  • Peekay

    Wow. Such a compelling story. A Pulitzer’s heading your way.

  • sayWut

    fuckin dirty whore drake and wayne probly spitroasted the fuck outta her and birdman probly stuck his pinky ring finger up her ass and cummed in her eye burrr burrr

  • mac DIESEL


  • Red

    She’s lame, go skateboard wit wayne, I cant stand her, i hope azealia banks go at ya throat.

  • lmao

    Lmfao at ppl sayin they dnt care…when u clearly do…by clickin on

  • urrrr

    goo away u alien

  • quese

    publicity stunt written all over it didn’t she a huge decrease in album sales???