• blaq cloud

    lmaoo rozay’s breasts r bigger than mariah’s

  • Just Me

    His always in the studio with someone cause he needs features

  • Truth.

    these types of collabs are more annoying than exciting. it’s like, who cares? are any fucks given?

  • The studio pictures get more buzz than the song that comes from it most of the time..

  • pap


    but mimi’s hands are just as big as ross’ tho! o_O

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Yet NO release date for GFID smh. DEF JAM isnt trying to pump all that $$ into that project and just go gold.


    or that nigga wont drop it since nigga confused to jeezy sales nigga is mad he cant sell over 200k LMFAOOOOO

  • Why So Serious

    Khaled might actually put out a decent project this year

  • BigAl

    Dj khaled just list his eminent callabo

  • WA

    http:// worldlyapparel .blogspot. com

  • Thoughts…

    OOOOOOOOOOOOK Kanye done fucked the game up again. Now everyones gonna post pics of who’s in the studio…we don’t care. Put the music out. Fuckin Reality bullshit.

  • Thoughts…

    Reality TV*

  • jdgay

    jermaine dupri leaning on that fat cop like a dwarf fa66ot

  • brollya

    hahahahahaahahahahaha……. i jus laughed my ass off on every single comment i read…. hahahahahaha…….

  • KillaTesh

    DAMNNN the hell happened to Mariah? She used to be a straight up DIME. I know shes getting older but that clown Cannon must be killin her beauty sleep or somethin…

  • Iluvmusic

    Mimi looks amazing for 42! Can’t wait to hear new music.

  • ZEE

    Lets just hope Ross is the only one to get on the mic. I wouldnt mind hearing Mariah on a hook but PLEASE tell KHALED to keep his fucking mouth shut.

  • Devil