MTV Hip Hop POV Episode 3

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In the third episode of Hip Hop POV, we hit the tat shop with Rita Ora and go inside the lab with producer Hit-Boy. We also get an interview from Wiz Khalifa before Waka hits the stage for “Round Of Applause”.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    I think its funny NO ONE is really watching this show. You know it’s true.

  • phillywide

    these bitches dont got a clue… get a new panel, its crazy bcuz half the fans think the same way.. smmfh!!!!

  • Bu is very right about hit-boy. he’s so talented and has made some major hits obviously, but he doesn’t have a sound that sets him apart. Without his name in the credits, you probably wouldn’t know it’s him half the time. And having your own distinct sound doesn’t box you in. All the artists that chick mentioned for having a sound, are anything but boxed in…Timbo, Pharrell, Ye.

    Think of all the non-hip hop artists those guys have worked with, with Timbo and Pharrell (Neptunes), do whole albums for non-hip hop acts.

  • Fly

    Want to see something as crazy as this ,this is a must see smh

  • they got waka and wizz in the same room

  • DoinTooMuch

    Damn, that white girl got dropped before she got signed?? HAHAHAH!!! She has T.I. to thank for that. He has NO clue how to promote his artists. She might as well go back to Australia.

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