50 Cent Gives Mixtape Release Date

Last night, Curtis revealed the release date of May 15 for his long-awaited Gangsta Grillz project with DJ Drama. In other Fif news, he’s walking Mayweather to the ring next Saturday.

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  • oscar

    cant wait hopefully this will be it

  • KnicksBABY

    LMAO fif… who you foolin???

  • Oz

    the coin that cried wolf

  • TeamNYX

    does anyone care at this point.

  • Trillionaire

    nigga said that the last time…but we shall see

  • frank

    yes boss this is my nigga

  • Blue

    Is he getting fat smh this see a must see http://www.Streetleaguemovement.com

  • mac DIESEL

    The LOST TAPE is coming out on the 15th. Nothing but heat watch how it shake things up




  • frank

    so many haters lol keep hating while we keep the paper

  • the truth

    lol why yall keep saying dis is like his last chance or sum shit, hes been dropping nun but heat, 50 cent is top 5 dead or alive



  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Maan, I’m hyped for this. 50 still one of the few realest dudes in the game.

  • Themaster

    cant wait, the big 10 was a banger

  • Tokyo Tony

    Walking with mayweather? Too cold

  • Hip hop

    This is a must see website word http://www.Streetleaguemovement.com S/O to SLM New York Stand Up.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This should be nice.

  • Black Shady

    Let’s gooooo Fif!

  • crackin up

    The lost tape, at least no one has ever used that title before, oh my bad they did!!!

  • County Of Kings

    its funny to see how he put his foot in his mouth so many times. now he dropping “the lost tape” didnt nas already do that?

    and what exactly does he mean by this is gonna shake things up?? i cant believe i’m sayin this but if he dont have any rap beef i cant see myself even giving a fuck.

  • 50 can drop a couple wack songs, which he has, and we will all still sit and wait for him to put out new music. Dude dropped arguably one of the top 10 hip-hop albums of all time–so we all know he’s got the ability to make fire music. People just have to realize he isn’t going to get on what’s hot now, and get on a jahlil beat or cardiak or all that shit that sounds virtually the same. He is NY hip-hop, and he’s going to put out some gutter sounding music for the most part. Why do people ever expect any different?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    OK Fif is dropping

  • 50 cent is real hip hop no watered down shit. he may make pop hits but they all classics bring it back fif. rob the industry part 2 and squash these fake ass artist.

  • http://youtu.be/q60Gn_RW4R8 global hit right here and 50 you have sense of humor to back it up if kelis can bring all her milkshakes to the yard i can swing my dick into fame hahah

  • crackin up

    “OK Fif is dropping

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @crackin up. Ouch ! You hurt my feelings.

  • im checking for it…The Big 10 was full of heat

  • Jungle

    Now why would this nigga use the title of the best mixtape ever released???

  • jig-ah

    Fuck fitty nigga wash up bigtime..Dis boy burns too much bridges…keep that money u got nigga..YMCMB/MMG takeova

  • joey

    wasnt nas’s mixtape called the lost tapeS? Theres a difference people

  • Mj

    This nigga done if it ain’t better than rich forever

  • qbeezy

    who cares if he releases more music?? same bullshit as always,, super rich thug still talking about robbing people and singing gay hooks

  • frank

    hhaahahahaha i love the way hater hate 50 cent it means u scared of him and deep down you know this guy can blow out ur fav sadist

  • Name Withheld

    The Big 10 was actually good. I hope this one is gonna be good too. In the meantime, MMG. Rich Forever!!!

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