New Music: 50 Cent Ft. Snoop Dogg & Precious Paris “Remain Calm (Al Qaeda Bomb)”

As we all wait anxiously for 50’s The Lost Tape to drop on May 15, DJ Drama premieres its first offering featuring Snoop & Precious Paris. I think we can all agree, this is the Curtis we’ve been waiting to hear.

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Sidebar: Drama Interviews 50 Cent

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  • hahaha


  • T.O.S

    The King returns geezuz this is fireeeeeeeeeeee

  • man

    Nice track

  • mac DIESEL




    i thinki this shit sound nice. its cool. remember its just a mixtape track

  • Loaded

    this ALL we heard of 50. wtf you talking about? hes done this same track 500 times. lol


    yo 50 can RAP

  • dragon

    nas the real don. this track is sick tho

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Pretty cool track. Looking forward to the mixtape.

  • PAP

    dope track. everytime i hear a track from 50, i always get the impression that he’s really bout that shit. when I listen to other rappers shit. it sounds like a bunch of fairy tales.

  • Killa Cam is Jesus

    My nigga is back. Group up to shit like this.

  • Why So Serious

    50 used to be so dope

  • Nasonemic

    Amazing 50 is back bringing real hip hop we need some new 50 N eminem collabs

  • jamesrowdy29

    I agree with Mac Diesel, call me crazy because I think I enjoyed Paris’ verse the best, 50s verse

    was the usual, wasn’t better than his 13 freestyles or any on the Big 10. The hook was weak, snoop

    was good but unnecessary. As long as 50 never makes another son like “I’m On It”(his worst song

    ever) I think he can turn the tide.

  • love it. I think 50s still got another really, really good album inside him.

  • Killa Cam is Jesus

    Fuck im so high i wrote “group up” lol

  • Great song to get you pumped up to do a drive-by. Snoop sounds like he did when he was 19.

  • hxxvaz


    This is the 50 Cent we need. He actually rappin now in his classic laid back 03 voice and not growling all over the track

  • This shit is tough.I wonder who made the track.50 not playing 2012 huh?That’s wusup.he needs a solo hit single.I’m sure he got something.Snoop stay on his hustle.They make good songs together.I could see them doing an album together.That chick sounds alright.Wonder what she looks like?
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle

  • frank

    real hip hop not those pop garbage we in lol



  • Truth.

    kanye ended this niggas career when graduation outsold curtis by 400k

  • kushpiffpuff

    my gawd this is firreeeee!! we need jeezy and eminem on a remix! 50 an paris ripped this!! snoop sounds like the old snoop. damn i didnt think i would say this but i think i rly want a new 50 album

  • drdrewoopsu

    i rly hope 50 pulls out some dream collabs with this tape like some 50 dre collab or 50 em tip something crazy to shake ish up he fina be back on top with one big hit

  • easy as 1,2,3

    50 cent need to go back to singing his hooks with melody

  • Jim jones

    Nice track it’s dope go check this out guys this is a must

  • easy as 1,2,3

    fifth need to go back to singing his hooks with melody

  • easy as 1,2,3

    fitty need to go back to singing his hooks with melody

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nice FIF. Precious Paris did her thing. Its the UNIT.

  • dope, song is hotttt

  • the brain trust

    Don’t remember the last time I REALLY listened to Fif.

    This track is fucking tough though.

    Makes me wanna rob a nunnery while wielding a shogun!

  • the brain trust

    That bitch with the bow leg stance turning me awnnn.

    Yeah, i’m loving this shit.

  • Remain Calm You F%$king with a Don!!! Its Strait!!

  • ODC

    Song is just hot. Stop freaking dissecting stuff. lol


  • worst song i heard all year

  • POW


  • Black Shady

    Good song…….still not what im expecting from Fif…but hes on his way I hope…….

    and like the nigga said above….50 needs to come back with his melody hooks.

  • Guare456

    this aint nothing different then what he been dishing out since the War LP.. and i say that as a positive.. he continously dropping hard ass bangers.. 50 gone continue to do that shit until the game go back to some hard shit and thin he’ll lift off again.. he need the suckers to fein for some hard shit he need the clowns to get off that house disco bullshit and come back and eat some of this hard shit.. thats all it is.. cause the material aint change.. its the demand of the public that has changed.. any muafucking wolf gone tell u .. 50 aint change shit.. u need to go listen to the shit and dont just blog for the sake of bloggin .. material aint change shit.. constant heat street music.. hood anthems..

  • me

    shits WACK!!!


    Wack!!! rather listen 2 new cats ‘fresh comin out frm da ghetto’ …,skewl boy q,freddie gibbs,jay rock,big krit.

  • Norega

    Dope title but weak shit

  • Bmjac

    50 dre an em on 50s album. FACT

  • Slice Bread

    This Track is Straight FIRE!!!!! remain calm!!! … snoops flow is too nice on this … i give it a 8/10. well done 50

  • yolo

    fire this is the 50 we loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • uptown

    cosign Guare456

  • M

    Looking forward to the mixtape (& the studio album soon, i hope) !

  • 3 Chainz

    50 sounds a bit different,alright track tho

  • pretty dope really

  • Gz up hoes down

    If u think yeezy deaded him cuz of that amount. Why was fifty the number one album in every country in europe ? See america went soft. Fif beendoin his thang and its his lane PERIOD. You dont see ricky in movies. You aint seen diddy at the U.N.
    Come on son.

    This snoop verse is the most g shit in twenty years. Ya dig

  • lll

    Yeah, 50 outsold Ye worldwide. And that’s actually what matters.
    Nice track…

  • frank

    track is only good for real hip hop heads other might not feel it

  • fuk waka

    Shut up Amaya!
    nahh this aint the 50 i been waiting for! smh

  • huh

    straight-to-dvd rap

  • Oz

    wow 50 really hasn’t evolved as an artist much this sounds like the same hot garbage production and song structure and lame as hooks from about the time he fell off


    dope track. everytime i hear a track from 50, i always get the impression that he

  • shady

    This track is SICK. Beat sounds pretty good, kinda shit id ride to in the whip. Snoop was unncessary but paris was HOT!. diggin ths track!

  • King


  • WestCoast


  • Hip hop

    Check this out a must see website

  • F.I.V.E.

    WACK. Fif’s groupies gettin’ they panties wet over this constipated piece of shit…

    Nothin’ to listen to again here, just a washed up snitch riding that wack-ass The Big 10 style.
    His album will get pushed back & back and when it drops, maximum 70k first week.

  • Pete


  • the truth

    dis dat cruise in da whip wit ya shades on wit a fine aq bitch gangsta shit right huererr

  • Chris

    50 go harder on this joint right ft Lloyd banks and jadakiss

  • Hip hop

    This is a must see website

  • Me

    Booooooooooooo someone tell Curtis to Hang it up, or Hang Himself


  • DirtySquad

    too bad 50 lives in the usa and that’s where the battle was fought. Plus that number that 50 outsold kanye worldwide is a lie and untrue. nice try guys. Rick Ross ethered the monkey. 50 hasn’t sold dick since. nobody cares anymore. also they need a different ghostwriter for the chick. she sound just like 50, who wrote her verse.

  • frank

    @me maybe you should give him example by hanging yourself first SIDEBAR you are nothing but a BROKE SADIST

  • KIM

    nice shit

  • the great zeee

    beat was a bit monotonous could have change up a bit every 8 bars. @loaded said it best.

  • Get with the times RapRadar! We can’t even stream music from a phone off your mobile site! I don’t visit this old ass platform anymore… Can’t even download free music off here either. Trash

  • yolo

    nice one 50 nice one

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  • classic material!!

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  • WORD


  • Tru Talk

    Great song… I can rock to this

  • oj Da Cornball

    Haters gonna hate. 🙂

    Oh, it’s ok to not like it, but your extreme response of “trash” etc… is just hate. 🙂
    Some you lames didn’t listen and replied. loll

  • Dan

    “Yeah, 50 outsold Ye worldwide. And that

  • Dan
  • Television caters to POP, not Violent hits.The Unit aint fall off, it’s all politics – LLoyd Banks

    now to the dope ass track ,,, this my shit and Snoop killed it ! (each verse was nice, the hook was boring tho)

    “MF, have a seat and loosen up, get a glass with some Jin and juice it up ..” G-shit

  • yo and regarding the “sales” …. That shit is sooo 2000 and last year …. Fif is the man, but I dont buy his CDs anymore .. I rather see his show or buy me a SK shot … record companies aint gettin my $$$ , the children in Africa do .. pow !

    ….spread the love and fuck you !

  • and 1 more for the haters …

    look .. if you dont like this, this ain’f for you … I dont like gay porn, so it ain’t for me … so I aint going on no gayshit site and say ‘uuuu, this is trash”.. like you …

    now go out, play hide and seek and go fuck youself …

  • donald

    Television caters to POP, not Violent hits.The Unit aint fall off, it

  • Ha

    and the nigga can’t act either..

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  • easy as 1,2,3

    Grow on me now

  • jig-ah

    Fuck fifty nigga aint no comin back..real nigga shit..brun too many bridges now u tryin to find ur way back…keep tha money u got nigga.. stick to actin even duo u cant act.

  • franky

    50 flow = brian pumper flow

  • Dat chu B. Pumper?!

  • This is boring 50!!! come with some better beats

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